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Map Database Project

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This project is meant to serve as a compiled list of user-made maps that you can use in JA2 1.13 in place of the stock JA2 maps. There are a few options you can choose from:


  1. You can simply drop the maps into either your "Jagged Alliance 2\Data\maps" or "Jagged Alliance 2\Data-1.13\maps" folder, in which case the stock maps will get overridden by the user-created maps. This remains true for every replay, and can only be undone by re-installing the game.
  2. You can configure the maps as "alternates", in which case there will be a random chance that the user-created map will get chosen instead of the stock one. You can have more than one "alternate", in which case multiple maps become candidates for random selection. Also, each time you restart the game the randomly chosen map may be different than the previous time. Instructions on how to configure "alternates" can be found in this forum post.
  3. You can copy the complete "Maps" and "Radarmaps" folder from the extracted file into the "\Profiles\UserProfile_JA2113" folder of your current JA2 v1.13 game install. So you can test the new maps and if you should not like them you can simply delete these two folders and you have a clean v1.13 install again.
  4. Though requiring a little more effort, this last is probably the best option. Take a look at "VirtualFileSystem_Setup.txt" in the "docs" folder. Inside you will find instructions on how to set up a custom folder structure for your maps and mods. The benefit is that it does not interfere with your default JA2 installation, and you can switch between map packs or mods at will simply by modifying an INI file field, or with the INI Editor included with JA2 1.13. This is also the preferred method when distributing your maps and mods to other people.


[Note: Some map packages also require the installation of new tilesets and other files as well as maps!] 



Map collections


Map Database Project: Azazel

Map Database Project: John Wright - TO DO

Map Database Project: Kaerar - TO DO [ed. all of the maps have crashed my game so far. --posfan12]

Map Database Project: OLDNOOB

Map Database Project: shed23 - TO DO

Map Database Project: Tiler Durdan

Map Database Project: WildFire

Map Database Project: Other

Map Database Project: Vanilla



See also


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Arulco map (interactive map of Arulco, sort of dead, download Russian version for offline use here)

Jagged Alliance 2 - Map of Arulco (another interactive map of Arulco)

Comments (2)

posfan12 said

at 11:49 pm on Aug 23, 2010

It would probably be a good idea to create a naming scheme for file/image uploads. I was thinking maybe "mapdb_<sector>_<authorID>_<YYYYMMDD>.png". I.e. give each author his own ID number. New versions would be the same except for a newer date stamp.

posfan12 said

at 4:38 am on Aug 25, 2010

It would be nice if we could upload the maps themselves to SVN, or (less-preferably) here.

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