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Frequently asked questions

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Q: What do all these strange acronyms and abbreviations mean?


A: Their meanings are as follows:

  • 1.13: See JA2 v1.13.
  • 100AP System: A new version of the "Action Point" system that replaced the old 25AP's. There are threads explaining how to switch between the two.
  • A.I.M.: Association of International Mercenaries 
  • AFS: Arulco Folding Stock (see Mods and projects).
  • AIMNAS: Smeagol's Alpha Item mod (see Mods and projects).
  • AR: Assault Rifle (1); Arulco Revisited mod by JAsmine & Beka (2) (see Mods and projects).
  • ARSP: All Resolution Support Project. (see Mods and projects).
  • BR/BR's: Bobby Ray's.
  • DCA: Drassen Counter Attack (a feature turned off in Vanilla, Deidranna seeks revenge with an iron fist!).
  • Dbb/Cosplay: See IoV.
  • DL: Deidranna Lives! (mod for JA2). (see Mods and projects).
  • EDB: Enhanced description box (created by Headrock, it offers a lot more detail on weapons and items in game, now part of the main SVN download).
  • FFF: Fight For Freedom (see Mods and projects).
  • GL: Grenade Launcher.
  • HoA: Horn of Africa (see Mods and projects).
  • HAM: Headrock's assorted mods, a collection of changes that deals with suppression tactics and a whole range of other optional adjustments (see Mods and projects).
  • IoV: Instruments of Violence (extensive item mod); old name: Dbb/Cosplay. (see Mods and projects).
  • INI Editor: A tool that comes with 1.13 which can be used to alter most aspects of gameplay, from how often it rains to the amount of cash you start with.
  • JA2 v1.13: The backbone for countless mods, a version of the game made by JA fans for JA fans. Contains very customizable game editors and many fixes/improvements.
  • L2: Legion 2 (see Mods and projects).
  • LBE: Load bearing equipment (Used in conjunction with NIV).
  • MAM: MJOne's Ammunition Mod (see Mods and projects).
  • MFM: Militia Factions Mod (see Mods and projects).
  • MP: Machine pistol (1); Multiplayer (2).
  • MPSVN: Multi-Player Sub Version.
  • NAS: New Attachment System
  • NCTH: New Chance To Hit system (see Mods and projects).
  • NGAP: New Gun Attachment Points.
  • NIV: New inventory system (see Mods and projects).
  • NSGI: New Starting Gear Interface.
  • OCTH: Old Chance To Hit system.
  • OIV: Old inventory (classic JA inventory).
  • PCM: Playable Characters Mod (see Mods and projects).
  • Possum Dbb: A version of Dbb altered by Old Possum.
  • Proedit: A tool that comes with 1.13 to edit the Prof.dat, this allows you to change every aspect of every character ingame.
  • Prof.Dat: The file that contains all the info about every character in JA 2.
  • RR: Renegade Republic (see Mods and projects).
  • S.T.O.M.P.: Sandro's Traits and Other Modifications Project (see Mods and projects).
  • SCI: Single Click Installer.
  • SMP: Stable Modding Platform
  • SVN: Subversion.
  • UB: Unfinished Business (official add-on for JA 2). (see Mods and projects).
  • UC: Urban Chaos (mod for JA2). (see Mods and projects).
  • UDB: Ultra Description box (even more details for items).
  • Vanilla: Original unmodded version of JA 2.
  • WF6.06: Wildfire/1.13 Hybrid.
  • XML Editor: A tool that comes with 1.13 that allows you to alter items/enemy gun choices and much more.


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