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Any questions or concerns can be addressed to Madd Mugsy (Madd_Mugsy@msn.com), RoWa21 aka Roman aka Wanne (wannebox@gmx.at), or the Jagged Alliance Galaxy forums at:

Bear's Pit



German Users

(German Text Follows)

Tippfehler etc. könnt Ihr gerne an Sergeant_Kolja melden, ich treibe mich gelegentlich im JA2-Forum auf Gamigo rum, außerdem in Bear's Pit. Ich bin nicht der einzige Übersetzer, in der Tat hat 'Farmer Toby' den Rum verdient, denn von Ihm stammen 99% der Texte! Ich habe nur die aktuellen Patches der German.items.xml verbrochen. An Farmer Toby könnt Ihr Euch sicherlich auch wenden.

(/German Text)


Misstypings in the German Version of JA2 1.13 can be reported to Sergeant_Kolja. I'm sometimes at BP or Gamigo, see links above. I am not the only maintainer of the German Translation, there are another team mates, too.


Russian Users

Visit forums on A.I.M.

Any translation mistakes or missing translation texts for russian version can be addressed to inshy.


Русскоязычный форум, где вы можете задать интересующие вас вопросы и получить на них ответы - A.I.M.

Если вы заметили какую-либо ошибку\опечатку в тексте русской версии игры или просто не переведённый текст, просим сообщить об этом переводчику - товарищу iншаму aka inshy.


Comments (2)

ruiptaurus said

at 8:40 am on Apr 13, 2010

Hello, i´m very interested in your work! I would like to know, how to make mods in jagged alliance 2. For example: The game stays the same (items, weapons etc) the only thing to change is the resolution and Bobby rays!!!
Please help!!
By the way if you need any help, please contact me


posfan12 said

at 11:51 pm on Aug 23, 2010

Could someone create a "mapdb" folder for the Map Database Project files and images? Thanks!

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