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Features carried forward from the White Hat team


  • Extended Ear shows location of enemy soldiers
  • Chance to Hit bars added to the single-shot and Burst targeting cursors
    • The fuller the bar, the better your chance to hit.
    • The color of the bar also changes to make it easier to discern your chances.
    • Option to disable the Chance to Hit bars in the Options screen.
  • Improved Automatic Fire
    • In the original game Auto-fire worked exactly like Burst-fire, except it fired more rounds. The number of rounds and the AP required was determined by the firearm.
    • The White Hat team improved Auto-fire to allow you to choose how many rounds to fire, with an additional AP cost per round.
      • The amount of AP required for additional rounds is determined by the firearm's "Autofire Shots per 5 AP" stat. 
  • Spread Fire
    • When using Burst or Autofire mode, the bullets fired can be spread evenly spread across an area by clicking once, then clicking and dragging.
      • A line of dots will appear to indicate where bullets will be fired.
      • Each dot does *not* indicate a bullet.
      • If using Autofire, the AP counter will increase as more bullets are added to the spread, but there is no actual bullet counter, nor any way to manually set the number of bullets to fire.
  • Weapons.xml and Cities.xml



New Features of 1.13


1) Higher Resolutions


JA2 is now capable of running at 640x480 (original), 800x600 and 1024x768.


  • Some great features don't work in 640x480 (not enough room).
  • The default resolution is 800x600.
  • You can set the resolution in the ja2.ini file in the game's root directory.



2) Externalized Data


The following sections of hard coded data have been externalized to xml files:


  • Weapons
  • Items
  • Explosives
  • Explosion Data
  • Armours
  • Sounds
  • Burst Sounds
  • Merges
  • Magazines
  • Launchables
  • Ammo Strings (Caliber names)
  • Ammo Types
  • Compatible Face Items
  • Attachments
  • Attachment Combo Merges
  • Attachment Info
  • Incompatible Attachments
  • Shopkeeper Inventories
  • Enemy Gun Choices
  • Enemy Item Choices
  • IMP Item Choices
  • Sector Movement costs
  • Alternate Sector Map Data
  • Army Compositions and Garrisons
  • SAM Site Locations
  • Basically, most things in this mod and JA2 are now configurable :) In addition, we bumped the limit on items in the game from 350 to 5000.


For a complete description of the data contained in each file, please refer to the comments within each file. Look for xml customization help and mini-mods at the Bear's Pit forums.



3) Externalized Options


There's a file called JA2_Options.ini that enables you to change many of the hard coded constants used by JA2. These include (but are not limited to):


  • Starting cash at each difficulty level
  • IMP attribute min/maxes
  • IMP personalities
  • Militia costs and training
  • Enemy team sizes and aggressiveness
  • MERC availability
  • V-Sync (Disable to make game run faster)
  • Rain settings
  • Animation speed
  • Militia mobility and tactical command
  • Global events
  • General damage multipliers
  • Visual ranges and sighting angles
  • Weapon volumes
  • Deadlock delay
  • Soldier Tooltips
  • Vehicle Inventories
  • And more... Check out the file, and feature descriptions below for more details .



4) Artificial Intelligence Upgrade


The AI has been upgraded from a mere nuisance to a pain in the ass :)




  • Enemies can now snipe you if they have a scope, even if you're out of visual range, but still visible to another enemy (spotter).
  • Enemies can now climb onto and down from roofs.
  • Enemies will now flank your position.
  • Enemies no longer get up and charge straight at you after dropping prone.
  • Enemies take cover more often.
  • Enemies can use suppression fire to try send you to the ground and make you lose APs (but won't do this from out of visual range).
  • Enemies can use under-barrel grenade launchers
  • AI snipers take advantage of the vision range bonuses from scopes and raise weapon features to spot your Mercs from afar




  • When you capture a town sector, enemies in neighboring sectors may come to investigate, resulting in a near-immediate followup battle.
    • The Ja2_Options.ini file can also be set to allow enemies to investigate from any neighboring sector, not just town sectors. This makes things much harder.
    • Enemies investigating neighboring sectors can be disabled entirely (as in the original game) in the Ja2_Options.ini file.
  • Drassen Counterattack
    • When you capture all of the Drassen town sectors, the cut-scene shows Deidranna ordering her best troops to be sent to retake it.
      • In the original game, nothing happens. No troops are sent other than the regular patrols that would be there regardless of the cut-scene.
      • In 1.13, the Queen launches a massive counterattack.
        • This effectively makes taking Drassen first suicide.
        • The Drassen Counterattack can be disabled in the Ja2_Options.ini file.



5) New Difficulty Level: INSANE


  • More enemies, more frequent and aggressive attacks on towns, more elites, higher level enemies, more frequent bursts from enemies, and less starting cash. Insane has 50% more elites than Expert! We were nice and kept the elites out of Omerta ;)
  • By default, Expert now has 25% more elites than normal, and 20% larger garrisons, with not just yellow shirt "administrators".
  • Deidranna's reinforcements are unlimited in Insane mode , and her forces will not cease attacking as the game progresses.(by default, but can be changed in JA2_Options.ini)



6) IMP Features


  • Multiple IMPs & 90210 code re-enabled
  • All IMPs are saved to disk by nickname. This means you can now type in the nickname of a previously created IMP to load him into the game.
  • UB Style IMP generation screens
  • Added choosable/random personalities and attitudes to IMP generation - see Data-1.13JA2_Options.ini.
  • IMP items configurable in xml; includes options for random items and items for any stat/specialty.
  • By default, IMPs get some random items when created (usually just sun goggles or some random attachment)
  • It is now possible to drop leadership to Zero.
  • You can now customize your appearance, including hair colour, skin colour, shirt colour, pant colour, and regular or large body (for males).
  • There are now screens for choosing your IMP's Personality Trait/Attitude, Disability (if any), and Traits.
  • Additional points are available to assign to Attributes for selecting a Disability and for each unused Trait.



7) Militia Features


  • Militia can now be ordered around on the tactical map. Don't like that bozo running headfirst at the enemy? Tell him to take cover. Need reinforcements at your position? Call them over.
  • You can also have your militia follow and reinforce you when you attack a city sector. Watch out though - enemies can call in reinforcements too.
  • Militia are also able to roam around the map attacking enemy patrols before they get to you. These roaming militia can be automatically generated every 24 hours or less, or can be manually trained.
  • Veteran Militia can now be trained in city and SAM sectors.
  • Cost multipliers have been externalized for upgrading to Regular Militia, Veteran Militia, and Roaming Militia, so each level can increase the cost.
  • These options can be tweaked and turned on/off in the JA2_Options.ini.



8) Weather Effects


  • Arulco is not the pleasant tropical climate you once experienced. Now you can do battle in rain and thunder storms. Watch your positions at night when lightning strikes!
  • Weather effects can be tweaked and turned on/off in the JA2_Options.ini file.



9) Items & Attributes


There are so many new items and weapons (hundreds, since we increased the item limit to 5000), we're not going to list them all here. There will be some kind of detailed spreadsheet eventually. Here are the highlights:


New guns


  • A few hundred new guns, including the guns from Unfinished Business. I'll let you discover these on your own as you play, but there is quite a variety :) All weapon stats have been totally re-engineered from the ground up.


New armour


  • Added several new types of armour, including a Ghillie suit which provides camouflage.
  • The old night-vision goggles and ultra-vision goggles have been replaced by four new night-vision goggles, generations I-IV, which offer increasing ability in each generation.
  • Some armour can carry items in pockets (attachments).
  • New coverage system was added allowing certain armour types variable coverage (instead of 100%). System can be turned on/off in JA2_Options.ini


New ammo


There are many new types of ammunition, but not all are available to all weapons:


  • AET (Advanced Energy Transfer) - Purple - Basically HP & AP rolled into one, but watch your weapon's status as AET ammo puts a lot of wear and tear on your weapon.
  • Glaser - Green - Like Hollow Point, but twice as effective against soft tissue. Unfortunately, it's also twice as useless against armour.
  • Tracer - Yellow - Bright yellow bullets help your Mercs score hits with Burst and Autofire. They also light up the night pretty well.
  • Match - White - High quality ammo that boosts a weapon's effective range.
  • Lock-Buster - White - Blow off locks with this handy shotgun ammo. Just don't expect to effectively shoot much else with it.
  • Depleted-Uranium - Light Green - Very rare and very powerful, this ammo will do massive amounts of damage and eat away at opponents armour to boot
  • Cold-Loaded - White Star - Standard bullets with some gunpowder removed to reduce weapon Loudness. Effectively paired with silencers for very quiet incursions. Unfortunately, less powder means less damage. Cold-loaded ammo is usually available in standard ball, AP, HP and Glaser.
  • New grenades and heavy explosives
  • There are multiple new grenade launchers, one or two of which include the ability to fire grenades in bursts.
  • There's also the new RPG family, a set of reloadable rocket launchers with various types of rockets available.
  • Last, but not least, is the new "burnable gas" explosion which releases a spreading fire explosion.


New Load Bearing Equipment


An optional completely new inventory system.


  • If selected when starting a new game, Load Bearing Equipment (LBE) will be available throughout the game to increase the available inventory capacity of your Mercs.
    • These include a selection of Harnesses, Holsters, Packs, Backpacks, and Pouches.
    • Many provide a small camouflage bonus.
  • A detailed list of Load Bearing Equipment can be found by looking at the List Of LBE .


New attachments


There are many new attachments, and some revisions to existing ones:


  • Reflex Sights/Match Sights - these attachments make firing your weapon a quick and painless affair. Reflex Sights make the weapon faster to aim. Match Sights increase weapon range slightly but only a few weapons can use them.
  • Scopes - these attachments provide a vision range bonus when the weapon is in the raised position. They're available in varying magnification levels. They also have varying degrees of tunnel vision, unfortunately, so make sure you cover your sniper's back! Higher levels magnification will provide a larger vision range bonus, but also have increased tunnel vision effects and require a longer weapon. Therefore not all scopes will work on all guns. In general, a 10x scope will only work with a sniper rifle and a 4x or 7x will work with an assault rifle. Pistols and SMGs typically can only use a 2x, if they can mount a scope at all. 
  • Suppressors - these attachments make your weapon more stealthy. A Flash Suppressor eliminates the flash that reveals the shooter's position when firing. Other suppressors (a.k.a. Silencers), available in Pistol, Assault Rifle, and Sniper Rifle sizes, eliminate the flash and also dramatically reduce the weapon's Loudness. However, damage is reduced slightly in exchange.
  • Folding & Retractable Stock - Attach these babies to your fixed-stock rifle or SMG and you'll see a reduction in how long it takes to raise your weapon to the ready position. Also makes it a tiny bit harder to hit your target though. Most weapons will only accept one or the other, not both. Many weapons may also have these built in, as depicted in their images.
  • Foregrip - Autofire accuracy got you down? Try attaching one of these babies and watch those bullets hit their mark. Again, some weapons may have one built-in, so check your gun's image to see if it has one.
  • Trigger Group - Some guns have burst fire, some have autofire, some have both, and some have none. This baby is for those guns without the burst fire... It adds a three round burst fire mode to compatible weapons.
  • Laser Aiming Modules - Lasers are only good for a certain range, beyond that they're not much use. Using a LAM-200 will improve your night vision.
  • New Misc items
  • New crap that you may or may not expect to find on the corpses of the enemy. You can sell most of it using the new sell-to-locals feature (See below). Some of it may even be useful. Hmmm... An oily rag, and bottle of alcohol...


New Camouflage & Stealth Types


In addition to the standard jungle/wood camo available in JA2, we have added Urban and Desert camo. These will give you the ability to hide in terrains other than grass/woods. The different types of camo work on the different types of terrain that are in the game:


  • Wood/Jungle/Original:
    • Low grass
    • High grass
    • Flat ground (This is unchanged from vanilla JA2)
  • Desert:
    • Flat ground
    • Train tracks
    • Dirt road
  • Urban:
    • Paved road
    • Flat floor (= in buildings)


There are new camouflage kits for the new camo types, and some items provide a camo bonus as well. We've also introduced a Stealth-type camo, which works in all terrains, but is only available through certain items and cannot be applied like camo to a Merc. Stealth also provides a bonus to sneak. The Stealth effect also stacks with camouflage.


Other Item changes


  • Platinum Watch + Copper Wire = Detonator - like in UB
  • Canteens can be merged
  • Solid slugs in shotguns add to range
  • Sniper scopes generally come with sniper rifles
  • Mercs can wear gas masks and goggles at the same time
  • Possibility of up to 2 attachments on enemy weapons (previously they didn't use attachments at all)
  • Sun goggles decrease visual range at night, night vision goggles decrease visual range in day/bright light
  • Rod&Spring affects AP only for Burst and Autofire, AP for single shots are no longer affected
  • We've also added new attributes for items in the xml files, so check the comments of the individual files for details.



10) Initial Game Settings


New features that are listed on the Initial Game Settings screen, and therefore require starting a new game to change, are listed here.


Difficulty Level


  • Your starting cash.
  • How many Mercs from AIM can die during the game while on assignments (not with you).
  • The overall number of troops the Queen can have at one time.
  • The number of actions the Queen can make per day.
  • The size of patrols.
  • The number of Elite troops in patrols.
  • The chance of a patrol ambushing you.
  • These can be adjusted in the Ja2_Options.ini file.
  • Probably a few other things. There may be things that are not in the Ja2_Options.ini file.


Bobby Ray's Selection


In the original game, this was tied to Difficulty Level. It's now a separate option.


  • Bobby Ray's is an Internet shop, so there should be a good variety and a better inventory. BR's now sells most of the items in the game.
  • We also bumped grenades & explosives back a bit so you'll see them earlier.
  • See the Bobby Ray page for more details.


Max IMP Characters


This setting allows you to decide the maximum number of IMP characters you're allowed to create during the course of the game. There are a maximum of three male and three female IMP characters possible.


Skill Traits


  • ´╗┐The original Attitudes and Traits are available by selecting "Old" for the "Skill Traits" setting on the Initial Game Settings screen.
  • The new Traits system divides the old Traits into Major and Minor Traits, makes changes, and adds some new Traits as well.
  • Tooltips provide detailed information on what each Trait does by hovering the mouse cursor over it.




This setting allows the use of the New Inventory system and the New Weapon Attachments system.


  • Old/Old is the setting that matches the original game.
    • Under the old inventory system, all Mercs inherently have 8 "small" pockets and 4 "large" pockets.
    • This never changes throughout the game.
    • This is the only setting available when running at 640x480 resolution.
  • The New Inventory system 
    • With the new inventory system, your Mercs inherently have only six "Tiny General" pockets, two Canteen slots, a Knife slot, and a large weapon slot (presumably a sling).
      • You can then greatly increase their inventory capacity with Harnesses, Holsters, Packs, and/or Backpacks.
      • As with all gear, better Load Bearing Equipment (LBE) will become available as you progress through the game.
    • Most Mercs come with a basic "LBE Gear" Harness.
    • The basic "LBE Gear" Harness is available from shops from the outset for Mercs that don't come with one.
    • Enemies also have a chance to drop LBE items.


  • The Old Weapon Attachment system
    • Each weapon has four slots for adding attachments positioned to the right of the weapon's picture.
    • Each attachment slot can take any weapon attachment that is compatible with the weapon.
  • The New Weapon Attachment system
    • Attachment slots are positioned around the weapon's picture.
    • Each attachment slot only accepts certain types of attachments, depending on its position.
      • Thus attachments go in slots located near the place where the attachment would go on the actual weapon.
      • Suppressors and Barrel Extensions go in the Muzzle slot, Folding and Retractable Stocks go in the Stock slot, etc.
    • A weapon may have up to nine attachment slots. I'll call them Rail, Sights, Scope, Muzzle, Stock, Underbarrel, Trigger, Magazine, and Internal.
      • Some Revolvers and Pistols have as few as three.
      • The attachment slots available and the attachments that can go in them are determined by the weapon.
  • There is no Old/New setting, so the New Weapon Attachment system can only be used with the New Inventory system.


Enemies Drop All Items


  • If set to On, enemies will drop all of the items they were carrying when they die.
  • If set to Off, there's a random chance applied to each item the enemy was carrying as to whether it drops or not.
  • If Militia are set to drop items in the INI file, this setting will affect whether they drop all items or drop items randomly as well. By default Militia are set to not drop any items, ever.


Progress Speed of Item Choices


  • A more accurate name for this setting would be "Enemy Item Progression".
  • This setting determines how quickly (based on game progress, not time) better weapons, armor, and equipment becomes available to enemy soldiers.
  • This setting affects your militia as well.
  • Setting Bobby Ray's Selection lower and this setting higher will make the game harder and vice-versa.


Extra Difficulty


Iron Man mode prevents you from saving during combat or any time your Mercs and enemies are in the same sector.


Available Arsenal


The old "Normal" and "Tons of Guns" options have changed a bit...


  • Reduced lets you play with the items from the original Tons of Guns selection, plus the UB items, NVGs Gen I & II, and some scopes.
  • Tons of Guns lets you play with everything that's available (700+ items).
  • Shopkeepers, Bobby Ray's, IMPs, Mercs and enemies will use guns based on your selection here
  • Some XML mini-mods are available to alter weapon availability.


Number of Terrorists


  • Random is the setting that matches the original game.
  • All means that all of the terrorists on the bounty list are guaranteed to be in the game.


Secret Weapon Caches


  • Random is the setting that matches the original game.
  • All means that all of the weapon caches scattered throughout the countryside are guaranteed to be in the game.



11) New Characters


Your old pals from Unfinished Business have come back in time to join you in Arulco, and have all been added to MERC for competitive rates:


  • Gaston
  • Stogie
  • Tex
  • Biggins



12) New Game Options, Shortcuts, and Interface Changes


Keyboard Commands


  • Drop all - Ctrl-D - enemies can now drop all items when they die
  • Sell to locals - Alt-LMB on items in sector inventory - tired of trekking all the way to Tony's for a deal? Sell off your junk to the locals who will buy it at 25% of list price.
  • Delete items - Ctrl-LMB on items in sector inventory - don't want to sell your junk? You can just delete it too.
  • Swap Goggles - Shift-N - swap your entire squad's sun goggles for the best NVGs they're carrying.
  • Reload All - Shift-R - reload everyone's weapons from ammo on the ground (only works in cleared sectors). In enemy occupied sectors: when in turn based mode do a fast reload for equipped weapons; When in real time mode reload all weapons with magazines from Mercs' inventories
  • Jump - J - hop fences and climb roofs with the press of a button :)
  • Swap GL Burst cursor - Shift-G - swap cursors for the GL burst from the standard toss cursor (gives CTH) to the burst cursor (allows spread fire)
  • Chance to hit / Tile info - F - displays useful info about a given tile, including CTH, range, and lighting level
  • Ready Weapon - l - look in a direction with the 'l' key and then do it again to ready your weapon. Note that some bonuses, like scope vision range bonuses, only apply when a weapon is raised.
  • Rearrange Sector Inventory - Shift-S - Press Shift+S in tactical to rearrange sector inventory (when sector is clear)
  • Unload weapons - Shift-F - Press Shift+S in tactical to unload all weapons in sector and to remove attached items
  • High Angle Grenade Launching - Q - Switch between standard GL angles and higher angles by pressing 'q'. Higher angles enable you to launch grenades farther and over some obstacles.




  • Space selects next Squad - Allows you to switch between the original Shift+Space to swap control of squads, and just pressing Space.

  • Auto Save - Automatically saves each turn during combat, alternating between two save slots (not shown on Load screen).
  • Stat Progress Bars - These show a character's progress towards gaining a skill point or level.

  • Alternate Strategy Map Colors - Unexplored sectors will be shown in gray instead of just being darkened.
  • Show Face Gear Graphics - When your Mercs have NVGs equipped, their portrait graphics will show them wearing NVGs.
  • Show Face Gear Icons - Icons will appear on Merc portraits if they have Extended Ear, Sun Goggles, NVGs, or a Gas Mask equipped.



13) Mercenary Profiles


Minor tweaks


  • Len can be trained
  • Shadow has a silencer (Even though it doesn't work on his HK53 :p )
  • Igor has Night Ops
  • Other minor trait changes (added secondary traits to those with just one)


New files


Extra prof.dat files have been added for 1.13 to allow the profiles to vary based on the item and difficulty options you choose when you start a new game. The following profiles have been added:


  • Prof_Novice_Normal.dat
  • Prof_Experienced_Normal.dat
  • Prof_Expert_Normal.dat
  • Prof_Insane_Normal.dat
  • Prof_Novice_TonsOfGuns.dat
  • Prof_Experienced_TonsOfGuns.dat
  • Prof_Expert_TonsOfGuns.dat
  • Prof_Insane_TonsOfGuns.dat

Because of the way the profile editor works though, you'll need to rename these to prof.dat to edit them, and then rename them back. The new TonsOfGuns profiles also contain some new weapons and equipment for the Mercs.



14) Tilesets


  • Maximum Tilesets is now 255, with no additional code changes required to add new tilesets. (UB Tileset add-on Pack Available for Download)



15) Map Editor


  • Compatible with 1.13, supports all 3 resolutions, up to 255 tilesets, and supports the items in the XML files.



16) Danger Will Robinson!


  • Audible warnings using a previously unused Merc quote when enemy tanks or rocket launchers are present.



17) Multiplayer with up to 4 players


  • Up to 4 players
  • Different Game Modes: Cooperative, Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch
  • In-Game chat 
  • Synchronization of Game Directory files
  • Scoreboard (statistics) after the battle
  • Screenshots and additional informations 



18) Enhanced Item descriptions


  • Graphical (icons) and textual representation of item/weapon attributes.
  • Provides detailed firearm information regarding things like the number of AP's to fire, Damage, Loudness, and much more.
  • Provides information on Protection, Coverage, and Degrade Rates for armor.
  • Allows you to see how attachments affect the stats.
  • This feature does not work in 640x480 resolution.



19) Suppression Fire


A form of Suppression Fire was in the original game, but it was broken, so players never saw it. Basically, Suppression Fire now reduces a target's APs, including into the next turn. Details of how it works are as follows:


  • Bullets that pass near a character and explosions that go off near a character generate Suppression Points, which are accumulated individually for each character over the course of a turn.
    • Bullets don't distinguish between friend and foe. They scare everybody. So, friendly fire can generation Suppression Points too.
  • Each character has a certain amount of Suppression Tolerance, which depends on the character's Experience Level, Morale, and certain Personality Traits.
  • With each attack that generates Suppression Points, the game checks to see if the number of Suppression Points from that attack exceed the character's Suppression Tolerance.
    • If so,  the character loses a number of APs equal to the difference between the number of Suppression Points generated by that attack and the character's Suppression Tolerance.
    • If a character runs out of APs, then the character's APs can become negative. Negative APs are then subtracted from the APs available to the character in the following turn.
    • If a character accumulates enough negative APs to have 0 APs at the start of the next turn, a message informing you that the character is "Pinned Down" will appear on the screen.
  • If a character loses enough APs from Suppression Fire, the character will automatically drop in stance, going from Standing, to Crouched, to Prone, if sufficient APs remain to do so.
  • Losing APs from Suppression Fire can also cause Suppression Shock.
    • Suppression Shock is used to calculate further, long-lasting effects of suppression. In general, shock decreases a character's effectiveness, while making the character harder to hit.
    • Shock slowly disappears over a period of one or more turns.
    • A character with too much Suppression Shock enters a Cowering state. This state has several effects, most importantly making that character more vulnerable to further Suppressive Fire attacks. You will receive an on-screen message when a character (friend or foe) "cowers in fear".
  • The intensity of Suppression Fire can be adjusted or disabled entirely by changing the "Suppression_Effectiveness" setting in the Ja2_Options.ini file.
    • Other Suppression Fire settings are in there as well.



20) New additional Mercs without replacing existing ones


  • Now you can add up to 254 Mercs to AIM/MERC without replacing ones
  • All of the Mercs from Wildfire have been added to AIM 



21) General Gameplay Changes


Training & Stats


  • Zero stats are trainable (configurable) and stats can be trained up to 100.
  • Stats progress slightly differently than in the original JA2:
    • More dex. and wis. for healing
    • Wisdom is awarded for training militia, training other Mercs, practicing skills, detecting land mines, making combos and special attachments and attaching detonators, and picking locks. Most of the increases depend on the difficulty of the task.
    • Mercs training other Mercs gain leadership
    • Mercs that orders militia in tactical gain leadership
    • In hand-to-hand attacks stats increase in proportion to their use. Punching and knifing: 3*dex + 1*agi + 1*str, stealing: 1*dex + 1*agi + 3*str.
    • Grenade throwing gives str., dex. and mrk.
    • Exertion (spending energy through moving and other activities) adds some health and strength.


AP now Based on 100


You'll notice that your Mercs now have a lot more AP. They don't really. It only appears that way because:


  • All actions that use AP were increased in equal proportion. Therefore, the same Merc, for the most part, can do no more and no less than he or she could per turn in the original game.
  • The reason this was done was to allow much better fine-tuning of how much AP different weapons use to ready, aim, and fire. Weapons which were identical before are different now.


Targeting Cursors


Some new features have been added to the targeting cursor(s):


  • Using the Old Chance to Hit system:
    • This is the Chance to Hit system used by the original game, plus several enhancements.
    • Improved Chance to Hit bars (see White Hat team features at the top of page for comparison)
      • Instead of being 100% exact, the CtH bar is now approximate.
        • How precise it is varies depending on your Merc's Marksmanship, Wisdom, and Experience level. The Sniper trait also helps.
        • It never gives wrong information, but it rounds. At the minimum it only has three levels: 0%, 50%, and 100%. 
        • Maximum precision is achieved at about 90 Marksmanship, 90 Wisdom, and Experience level 9; less if the Merc has the Sniper trait.
      • The Burst targeting cursor now has three CtH bars instead of one. The top one is for the first round, the second bar for the second, and the third bar for the third.
      • Added Chance to Hit bars to the Autofire targeting cursor.
        • The Autofire targeting cursor now has two CtH bars. The top one is for the first round. The second bar is for the last round.
      • Each additional round fired in Burst and Autofire has an exponentially lower chance to hit than the round before it.
    • Chance to Hit bars can be disabled in the Options menu.


  • Using the New Chance to Hit system:
    • This is a complete redesign of how the game calculates your chances to hit. It also has a new targeting cursor.
    • Instead of calculating a percentage change to hit before firing, it draws a circle around the target and the bullet has an equal chance of hitting anywhere within the circle. 
    • The size of the circle shrinks as you spend more AP to aim.
    • The aiming indicator has a number of dots. It starts with the two outer dots illuminated. As you spend more AP to aim, the dots move towards the center. When the middle dot is lit, you've spent as many AP as you're capable of.
  • You can turn the New Chance to Hit system on/off in the Options screen. Off is the Old CtH system. On is the New CtH system.
  • Currently the New Chance to Hit system has no means of specifically aiming at the head or legs.


Soldier Tooltips


Hover the mouse over the enemy and hold down the ALT key. You will see their equipment, depending on various factors. There is a section in the Ja2_Options.ini file that determines how much information you receive:


  • Limited - Whether or not they are wearing any armor (but not where). The general type of weapon (but no mention of attachments), and whether or not they have a gas mask or NVG.
  • Basic - Whether or not they have a Helmet, a Vest, and/or Leggings. The general type of weapon, including visible attachments, and whether or not they have a gas mask or NVG.
  • Full - Lists exactly what Helmet, Vest, and/or Leggings they have. Lists the exact weapon they have, including all attachments. Lists whether they have a gas mask or the type of NVG if they have one.
  • Debug - Same as Full, but also reveals APs and Health, as well as other info for modders.




  • Brothel Re-enabled. (But I couldn't get the payment thing to work properly (I'd pay and she'd let me in and then they'd attack me but I didn't really try that hard), so just speak friendly to the Madame and she'll let you in, and you can get the winking smiley (and sound fx) as per pre-gold versions.)
  • No loyalty penalty for inactivity, Enrico will still hassle you with his emails, but you won't see the towns turn against you.
  • Multiple Interrupts per turn, from the enemies and from your MERCs. So now if you pass on your first chance, you might get another.
  • Fallback Animation. Now enemies can fall backwards when they die.
  • Spend 8 APs Aiming: When using a rifle / sniper rifle with a scope attached you can spend up to 6 or 8 APs aiming, depending on the minimum aiming distance of the scope. By default, that means that you can spend 6 APs aiming with a battle scope and 8 APs with a sniper scope. The rifle / sniper rifle restriction can be toggled on/off in the preferences screen.
  • Vehicle Inventory enabled. Your vehicles can now carry your gear for you. The inventory is the same layout as a mercenary's inventory. This can be enabled/disabled in the JA2_Options.ini file.



22) Sector Facilities


A new option has been added to the list of available assignments for your Mercs on the map view: Facility.


  • Different facilities offer different benefits. A tooltip describes what the facility does.
  • Most facilities offer a bonus to training a specific skill. For example working at the Airport in Drassen can boost Strength training.
  • Some facilities offer a bonus to performing a task. For example assigning a Merc with sufficient Medical skill to work at the clinic in Drassen will allow the Merc to perform the duties of a Doctor more effectively than simply assigning that same Merc to work as a Doctor normally. Of course, you have to go there in order to use it.
  • You'll find cool new facilities you can make use of as you explore Arulco.



23) Dozens of other features that are not listed here


  • Full mouse wheel support

  • Camouflage Merc faces

  • Graphical face gear (gas masks, NVGs, ...) on Merc portraits

  • etc., etc. 



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