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JA2 113INSANE mod

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JA2 1.13 INSANE mod maps ALPHA are now available.



I am looking for people to help me develop JA2 1.13INSANE mod.

NO experience needed! but welcome.


This mod is set in 2003+- (not quite present day)

The country has a much larger population

The Queen has stopped oppressing the people so much because her income is now huge due to much increased tourism and the billions she is squeezing from the "World Development Fund". The greed is now larger than before as there has been a huge gold discovery on the south eastern border. Apparently the bulk of this mother lode is in the little neighboring country. She has siphoned off enough money to raise a large army (mostly conscripts) supplemented by thousands of hired mercenarys. She intends to find an excuse to attack and take over her neighbor. Yes, there is still a minor problem in the north but it is nothing to be concerned with, just some malcontent, I think his name is Miguel Cordona.


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oldnooob said

at 7:55 pm on Mar 18, 2011

If you want to help with this mod please email oldnooob @ gmail.com.
This is a map mod for INSANE level players. I need help with table data/map xmls.

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