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(Compiled by Marlboro Man)


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JA2v113_Hotkeys_German.pdf translated by DocSchuh aka baSti

Keyboard chart - Graphical chart of keyboard commands (JA2 and JA2 1.13).


Jagged Alliance 2 v1.12 Keyboard Commands




F1—F6 Selects mercs in the current squad.
/ (forward slash) Center on currently selected merc.
SPACE Selects the next Merc in the current squad. 
ALT When clicking on a merc’s portrait, holding ALT, down will locate him or select him depending on the setting of the Old Selection Method option. (It locates mercs if on.)
ALT + F Keeps the screen centered on the selected merc during turn-based combat.
= (equals) Selects all mercs in the current sector, regardless of squad.
1 thru 0 Tactical Screen: Change to that squad number, if they are in the same sector. Map Screen: Select all members of that squad number.
SHIFT 1 thru 0 Map Screen: Select all members of squads 11 thru 20.
CTRL Map Screen: Hold down CTRL while selecting mercs to add additional mercs to the selection group.
SHIFT Map Screen: Hold down SHIFT while selecting mercs to select a range of mercs.
SHIFT + SPACE Selects next squad.




C Changes to CROUCH stance.
L Look / Turn cursor. Use to change merc’s facing.
P Changes to PRONE stance.
R Changes to RUN mode.
S Changes to STANDING stance.
X Exchanges places with another person. Merc, Militiaman, or Civilian.
Z STEALTH mode (on the Tactical Screen).
SHIFT In Movement Mode, SHIFT makes a merc’s movement path visible. It also forces the cursor to HUG the ground, which is very handy in tight quarters.
END Continue along movement path. Replaced in v1.13.
ALT While moving a merc, makes a STANDING merc SIDESTEP or BACK UP.
ALT + Z Stealth mode for the entire squad.




A Auto-Bandage your mercs (if possible).
B Toggles BURST mode for burst capable guns.
ESC Aborts action (such as movement, firing, or first aid).
CTRL Brings up the HAND cursor.




C Map Screen: Merc Contract
D DONE with turn. (Turn based combat only.)
E Cycles through all enemies seen by the selected merc.
F Displays Gun Range relative to cursor location.
G Turns off Merc Lights in nighttime.
H Brings up context sensitive HELP.
I Toggles glowing Items on and off.
K Opens the KEYS panel.
M Map Screen.
N Cycles between targets that overlap on the screen.
O Options Screen.
V Shows various info: Version Release, Difficulty Level, Bobby Rays Selection, Items info, Game Style, and Current/Max Progress.
W Toggle additional building Wireframes.
T Toggles Treetops on and off.
Z Show militia (in the Map Screen only).
, (comma) Toggles between Team and Inventory panels.
* (star) Toggles between red and white glowing objects.
SHIFT In a merc’s inventory, use the SHIFT key to select stacked units of a given item. For example, to pick up and move 3 clips of .45 ammo from a merc’s inventory, just hold down SHIFT and click on the stack of 3 clips.
SHIFT Holding SHIFT down while scrolling the Tactical Screen it increases the scroll speed.
SHIFT When plotting travel routes on the Map Screen, hold down SHIFT to make mercs travel the most direct route (instead of the fastest).
SPACE On the Map Screen, SPACE, toggles between Pause mode and your last selected rate of time compression.
PAUSE Pauses the game.
TAB Toggles cursor level (ground/upper level).
ENTER Tactical Screen: Cycles through all enemies your team knows about.
ENTER Map Screen: Enter/Exit merc inventory.
INSERT Tactical Screen: Displays sector map.
INSERT Map Screen: Up one map sublevel. Holding the + or – keys will decrease or increase the range of the information.
DELETE Map Screen: Down one map sublevel.
DELETE Tactical Screen: Shows the best COVER spots relative to cursor location. Holding the + or – keys will decrease or increase the range of the information.
HOME Map Screen: Jump to oldest (first) message.
END Map Screen: jump to newest (last) message.
END Tactical Screen: Shows LINE of SIGHT information relative to the cursor location. Holding the + or – keys will decrease or increase the range of the information.
PGUP Map Screen: Page back through messages.
PGDN Map Screen: Page forward through messages.
F1 thru F6 Map Screen: Sort merc list by column 1-6.
UP ARROW Map Screen: Scroll messages back one line.
DOWN ARROW Map Screen: Scroll messages forward 1 line.
LEFT ARROW Map Screen: Select previous merc.
RIGHT ARROW Map Screen: Select next merc.
ALT + C Load last saved game (Main Menu Screen only).
ALT + S Quick Save.
ALT + L Quick Load.
ALT + A Auto Save, Load last auto save (only available in Load savegame screen).
ALT + B Auto Save, Load previous save prior to last save (only available in Load savegame screen).
ALT + X Exit the game.
CTRL Display game settings for save (Load Screen only).
CTRL + S Brings up the save screen.
CTRL + L Brings up the load screen.
CTRL + T Toggles between unshaded and shaded background for text.


Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 Additional Keyboard Commands


Tactical Screen


ALT When mousing over an enemy soldier, you must simultaneously hold down the ALT key to display the tool tip info.
ALT + R Reloads all weapons (in hand) in tactical mode.
PGUP Cycles through stances in the order of Prone, Crawl, and Standing. Pressing it while Standing next to a building with a flat roof will cause the Merc to climb onto the roof.
PGDN Cycles through stances in the order of Standing, Crawl, and Prone. Pressing it while Prone on the edge of a roof will cause the Merc to climb down.
SHIFT + S In Tactical Map to sort items in sector inventory. Also merges ammo items.
SHIFT + F In Tactical Map to remove all removable attachments from items and to unload all weapons in sector inventory.
SHIFT + R In Tactical Map to reload all weapons of your squad.
SHIFT + N In Tactical Map, toggles NVGs/sun goggles for all mercs in active team.
SHIFT + M In Tactical Map moves all items in sector to location of selected merc.
SHIFT + B In Tactical Map, Drop backpacks for all mercs in the current sector (NewInv mode only).
SHIFT + E In Tactical Map, Drop all carried Items. Does not include "body" or hand positions.
SHIFT + K In Tactical Map, Swap valid weapons between gunsling and primary hand (NewInv mode only).
SHIFT + T In Tactical Map, Resort teams based on hire date.
CTRL + SHIFT + A In Tactical Map, Create (or add to existing) ammo crates using all ammo found in sector inventory.
CTRL + SHIFT + F In Tactical Map, Pickup all dropped backpacks (NewInv mode only), then automatically perform both SHIFT + F and SHIFT + S hotkeys.
CTRL + SHIFT + M In Tactical Map, Merges all mergable items while stacking and sorting. This means medkits, toolkits, canteens, gas cans, alcohol, first aid kits, ammo.
J Before an obstacle to jump/climb with the selected merc.
F Displays useful info about a given tile, including CTH, range, and lighting level.
L Look in a direction with the 'L' key and then do it again to ready your weapon. Note that some bonuses, like scope vision range bonuses, only apply when a weapon is raised.
SPACE Selects the next Merc in the current squad. If the last Merc in the current squad was selected, then this will select the first Merc in the next squad.


Strategic Map


ESC On Strategic Map - enter into currently highlighted sector.
SHIFT + E On Strategic Map - Drop all carried Items. Does not include "body" or hand positions. Also opens sectory inventory.
SHIFT + N On Stragetic Map - Toggles NVGs/sun goggles for individual mercs.
SHIFT + K On Strategic Map - Swap valid weapons between gunsling and primary hand (NewInv mode only).
CTRL + SHIFT + E On Strategic Map - Pickup as many sector items as possible. Only works if a vehicle is in the sector and active. Automatically opens the vehicle inventory and sector inventory panels.
ALT + F1 On Strategic Map - Causes the team panel to sort by hire date. Also works by pressing ALT key and clicking on the "Name" button on the team panel.


Sector Inventory


ALT + LMB Sell one item in Sector Inventory (if option CAN_SELL_ALT_LMB is turned on in ini).
ALT + SHIFT + LMB Sell all items from selected slot in Sector Inventory (if option CAN_SELL_ALT_LMB is turned on in ini).
ALT + Y + LMB Sell all items of the same type from Sector Inventory (if option CAN_SELL_ALT_LMB is turned on in ini).
CTRL + LMB Permanently delete item in Sector Inventory.
CTRL + SHIFT + LMB Permanently delete all items from selected slot from Sector Inventory.
CTRL + Y + LMB Permanently delete all items of the same type from Sector Inventory.
CTRL + DEL Permanently delete all items from Sector Inventory.


Shortcuts for options menu items


SHIFT + SPACE There's a new toggle in the preferences menu that allows you to switch between the classic Shift + Space to swap control of squads, and just pressing Space.
CTRL + D Enemies can now drop all items when they die.
SHIFT + G Swap cursors for the GL burst from the standard toss cursor (gives CTH) to the burst cursor (allows spread fire).
Q High Angle Grenade Launching: Switch between standard GL angles and higher angles. Higher angles enable you to launch grenades farther and over some obstacles.
AUTO SAVE AutoSave has been enabled and is available as an Option on the Options screen.




CTRL + GABBI On Tactical Map: Enables cheat mode in English Version.
CTRL + IGUANA On Tactical Map: Enables cheat mode in German Version.


Tactical Screen


ALT + E Make all characters (enemies and NPCs) and items visible.
ALT + O Kill all enemies in current sector.
ALT + T Teleport selected character to cursor location.
CTRL + H Hurt character under cursor location.
ALT + D Refresh APs of all mercenaries. (May require multiple uses to fully restore a Merc's AP pool.)
ALT + R Reload selected character's gun.
CRTL + U Refresh all character's health and energy (heals them).
ALT + ENTER Aborts enemies turn.
ALT + G Adds a random merc to roster.
ALT + I Adds a random gun beneath your cursor.
ALT + B Adds an enemy soldier beneath the cursor.
ALT + C Adds a civilian beneath the cursor.
ALT + 2 Adds a baby crepitus beneath your cursor.
ALT + 4 Puts the selected merc in a wheelchair.
ALT + 5 Turns selected merc into a large crepitus.
ALT + W Progressive scrolling through item list. (When viewing a large item-screen in tactical screen) scrolls through the item-list in a progressive fashion. Put the item you're going to view in the upper hand, or the game will 'create' an item in the upper hand: item #1.
ALT + SHIFT + W Same as ALT + W but cycle backwards through item list.
ALT + K Mustard Gas explosion at cursor.
CRTL + K Hand Grenade explosion at cursor.
ALT + V Create a robot.
ALT + Q View interior of all buildings.
CRTL + T All mercs in current sector arrested by the Queen.
CRTL + F Display the frame rate.
ALT + Keypad 1 Merc changes into a tank.
CRTL + O Creates a large crepitus.


Map Screen


CRTL + T In travel mode, teleport squad to sector under cursor.
ALT + AUTO RESOLVE Kill all enemies in sector.




+ (plus) Increase funds by $10,000.
- (minus) Decrease funds by $10,000.
SPACE while left clicking merc Forces any "away" character to join team.


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