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Revision History

Page history last edited by wanne 9 years, 9 months ago

JA2 1.13 Official Update for Release 7435 (2014-10-25)

Revision: 7609



- Fixed wrong magazine class indices in vanilla configuration
- Fixed light sources not decaying in turnbased mode
- Fixed corrupted items occupying the same slots when picking up an auto-equipped LBE
- Fixed Kingpin's assassins not attacking
- Fixed enemy radio operator calling artillery even though they could not fire
- Fixed savegame corruption when using swap merc faces feature
- Custom resolution can now be set at any resolution above 640x480
- Fixed placing items through strategic screen to be at the correct Z level
- Fixed grenades vanishing when removing them from attached grenade launchers under NAS
- Fixed incorrect flags on items in strategic screen that were placed in slots that previously had an action item in them
- Fixed militia able to spawn as tanks
- Multiplayer: Fixed endless clock on enemy interrupt on the server.

... and many other bugfixes



JA2 1.13 Official Release (2014-08-28)

Revision: 7435


New Features

- Expanded Quests to 255

- Expanded Saveslots to 255 & Auto-saving

- *Improved Interrupt System

- Walking and Sidesteppng with Raised Weapon

- *Increase Squad Size to 8 (800x600) and 10 (1024x768)

- Added UB-1.13 Source Code, selectable in builddefines

- *Show Merc Ranks in Strategy Screen before Name

- *Faster Bobby Ray Shipments

- *AP cost for Manipulating Merc Inventory

- Individual Gear Kit Names

- *Adjustable Max BR Unique Item Orders per Shipment

- Walk instead of Swim on "Water" tiles for 2nd Level

- Expanded Possible IMP Face Selection to 255

- All Resolution Support Project

- *AI Turn Speed Up

- "Lock" / "Release" Mouse Cursor in Tactical Windowed mode

- Release Mouse Cursor in Laptop mode

- Increased Item Size Limit

- *Weapon Overheating

- Weapon Resting

- Ammo Boxes and Crates

- Allow Attachment and Use of Underbarrel Weapons

- Ctrl+Click from Delete to Auto-place Item in Strategic Sector Inventory Screen

- Item Transformations

- Coolness by sector

- Impact Explosives

- Better shot distribution inside aperture

- Improved NCTH Burst/Autofire

- Modifiable weapon degrade speed

- Fragmentation Explosives

- Zoomable Sector Inventory

- Sort and Filter Sector Inventory

- Crate-Splitting

- Improved Strategic Map Icons and Labels

- AI Enhancements

- Quick Attachment Selection Popup Window

- Toggle Scope modes

- Tripwire-triggered Mines

- Rifle Sling

- Mines/Bombs/Tripwires Display

- Layered Hierarchical Tripwire Networks

- Drug Effects System

- Prone Bandaging

- Pick up Items in Crouch Position

- New Misc filter buttons for BR by attachmentClass

- Block Iron Sights

- *Quiet Training

- *Zombies Spawning from Corpses

- Bombs Armed from Inventory

- Guns Traps made out with a piece of Tripwire

- Static Fortifications Built by Mercs

- Settings in Mod_Options.ini for Modders only

- *Food and Water System

- External Feeding Ammo

- Increased Action Items to 501


- *Mark Remaining Hostiles

- Dual Weapon Burst/Autofire

- Alternative Weapon Holding for Hip and Single-hand Pistol

- Energy Cost on Weapon Manipulation

- Suppression Effectiveness Modified by Caliber and Gun Loudness

- *No Enemy Auto-ready Weapon Option

- Fancy Big Merc Rifle Holding and More Random Idle Animations

- Kick in Hand-to-Hand

- Jumping Across a Tile

- Advanced Repair/Dirt System

- Gearkits for M.E.R.C. Website

- Covert Ops Trait

- Modifier Tag for the Explosive Damage in Confined Spaces

- Clothes Items Allow Recoloring of Mercs

- Random Items

- *AI Soldiers Jump through Windows

- *Massive Counterattacks in all Major Cities

- Prisoner System/Capture Enemy Soldiers using Handcuff

- Stun Gun and Pepperspray Item

- Scuba Diving/Deep Water Stealth

- *Enemy Assassins Disguised as Militia

- Class Specific Gun/Item Choices for Soldier Classes

- Multi-turn Actions

- Skill/Trait Tooltip on Merc Portrait

- *Equip Militia with Available Gear

- *Squad Names

- Items Applied to Others

- *Random Merc Stats and Salary

- Load Screen Hints

- Deaf and Shortsighted Disabilities

- Dynamic Flashlights

- Individual Militia and Enemy Profile Definition

- *Encyclopedia/Briefing Room in Laptop

- Quests LUA Externalized, up to 255

- *Civilians Drop All

- Swap Merc Position Order in Tactical Team Panel

- Updated Item Graphics

- 'Move Item' Assignment for City Sectors

- *Mercs Story Backgrounds

- Expanded Militia Training to 6x6 square

- *Delayed Reinforcements for Enemy and Militia

- Mobile Militia Improvements

- *Moving in Formation

- Improve Loading Speed of Stash

- Added MOLLE Items

- *Racism/Sexism/Appearance/Refinement/Hated Nationalities

- More Buddies and Foes

- Radio Operator Trait

- *Enemy Taunts

- *Land Mercs Anywhere from Helicopter in Hostile Sectors

- Improved Bomb Planting and Mine Disarm Dialogue

- *Improved Auto Fast Forward

- Spotter Trait

- *Helicopter Repair & Refuel System

- *Campaign Statistics & Battle Reports

- *Merc and Enemy Additional Indicator

- Snitch Trait

- Compare Item Stats

- Custom Sound for Non-Guns

- 10x Strategic Map Icons


Debugging Fixes

- AI, AP Calculation and Map Editor fixes

- JA, DG Mercs & previously Non-Recruitable NPCs are back for more Action


(and many other features & fixes)

* - Optional


New XML Externalizations

- Vehicles

- Emails

- Hidden Towns

- AIM Veterans Webpage

- Merchants

- Mining Resources Names

- Heli Refuel Sites

- Creatures Placement

- History Log



JA2 1.13 Official Update (Bugfix) Version (2012-07-25)

Update (Bugfix) Version for Revision: 4870


Bugfixes: GameDir files

Fixed wrong spelling of "Ceramic Armor Insert.wav" sound. Because of the wrong spelling the sound was never loaded and written as an error in the log file

- Fixed the problem when playing with vanilla ("Data" folder), that you cannot train any militia (the training action was always disabled)

- Chinese: Fixed a few GameDir files

- German: Fixed a few GameDir files


Bugfixes: ja2.exe

- Hotkey 'ENTER' hiring screen fix to exclude conditions for dead mercs in AIM & MERC & when MERC accounts are suspended

- Fixed some problems with russian letters in IMP page (by ViSoR)

- Added 2 letters for French (Ligatures Æ, æ, Œ, œ). Now we have support for all French alphabet

- Converted French text to UTF-8 for simple use in ather OS Language

- Allow the game to use 0 KB files for faking missing WAV speeches

- Fixed possible assertion in Scheduling.cpp

- Fixed crash when entering a sector in tactical and the rotting corpses from the temporary file has an invalid high value

- Fixed gender mixed up in the IMP Analysis email at the Portrait section

- Changed a few default starting / settings options

- Display additional screen msg when pressing 'v' due to settings not being easily observable & changeable during gameplay

- Fixed typo mistakes in English text files

- Updated Chinese texts

- If DISABLE_LAPTOP_TRANSITION is TRUE, some laptop initialization methods (e.g: BobbyR methods) were not executed

- Bobby Ray: Shipments were not cleared when restarting a game

- IMP pool already reduced before actual payment & character creation are done

- Some Nullpointer fixes

- Fixed crash, when you are in tactical turn based and you show the item description from a sector inventory item and then you close the sector inventory when the item description is still open

- Bobby Ray shop shown wrong values under 'size'

- Fixed Locked Pause State on 'Rehire' at the Drop Equipment msgbox after Merc Dismissal

- Fixed problem with the registration of global variables (lua) for initializing a new game

- Fixed the problem with not initialized merc quotes

- Fixed Qarray variables aka MercQuote.xml data not fully externalized

- Fixed bug, that items get lost in the sector when switching between tactical sectors

- Now it is not possible anymore, that TANKS loose any stats (wisdom, agility, ...) when hit with an explosive weapon (LAW, ...)

- Prevent game from CTD, on players end turn, when there are problems updating the light tiles for the corpses

- Multiplayer: Removed the hardcoded setting from 3 ja2_options.ini values for a multiplayer game

- Multiplayer: The choosen difficulty was not used and the game crashed on the host. For example, when selecting INSANE the game uses Expert difficult

- Map Editor: The "Save map in vanilla ..." was checked wrong after loading the map, when the map was not saved in "vanilla format"



JA2 1.13 Official Release (2011-12-28)

Revision: 4870


Bugfixes: GameDir files

- Update price for UB items
- Fixed a few item pics, because of wrong dimensions
- Fixed missing transparent (MBS_800x600.sti)
- Changed usMouthY coordinate for Barry back to 28 (thats the original value in prof.dat)
- Dr. Q now has all his original traits
- WF mercs repriced according to skill/experience. No longer all bunched together.
- Attitudes tweaked after brainstorming with several Bear'spit members.
- Updated number of Traits in Skills_Settings.INI
- Added new SMACKW32.DLL which now allos playing of the Urban Chaos videos
- Fixed a few ja2_options.ini comments
- Fixed "Nada" item in Monk's Gearkit #5
- Added "ja2export.exe" tool (for doing some convertion stuff) together with help file
- Chitzena Mine (B2-1) was missing on the underground image 


Features: GameDir files

Lock 'n Load MOD v1
o Link: http://www.ja-galaxy-forum.com/board/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=286021&page=1
o All Mercs now have their original 1.12 traits.
o STOMP traits revised to match original traits as closely as possible. Some Mercs have extra traits to make use of STOMP.
o All WF Mercs have been given their proper starting gear, minus the grenades and kevlar leggings etc...
o Every Merc has their 1.12 gear now, select *Kit 2 if you would like to experience how JA was originally released.
o Static,MD, & Spider kept their 1.12 gear, so for them it is Kit 1.
o All the 1.13 added weapons & equipment have had 100% condition replaced with how they would have shipped in 1.12 along with other minor fixes.
o All Mercs now have 5 Kit to choose from.


New graphical face gear equipment

o SWAT helmet
o Sun Goggles


Bugfixes: ja2.exe

- Fixed issue where CTRL + SHIFT + A was creating full ammo crates without consolidating any ammo.
- Enlarged font size in 1024x768 for strategy map screen
- Fixed crash when enemies enter the battle
- Fixed crash in InitPreBattleInterface()
- Corrected Vision Range Bonus display issue on UDB.
- Items auto placed into world inventory might accidentally be dropped into the wrong sector
- Fixed incorrect email message text for new custom user merc (uiIndex >= 178), when merc is availabe for business on AIM
- Fixed crash (division to 0) when finishing training of mobile militia
- Fixed mercs not showing up on MERC website
- Fixed white background graphic when MERC website is down (broken link)
- Translated missing EDB Description Tooltip messages to German
- Old IMP Creation: Fixed bug with IMP Attributes selection, where you could lower value to 0 and get bonus points
- Fixed CTD when entering Estoni I6
- Fixed CTD if enemy bleeds to death at the end of a players turn
- Fixed a NCTH bug where a negative PercentCap would not calculate properly because the uiCap variable it applies to could not support signed results
- Fixed a NCTH bug where a negative PercentTargetTrackingSpeed would not calculate properly because the uiTilesForMaxPenalty variable it applies to could not support signed results
- Fixed German spelling mistake
- Militia do not stop enemy invasion on strategic map
- Improved (performance) tactical savegame loading code
- Improved loading time of savegames with a huge number of items in sector
- Fixed graphical glitch on Heli ETA Box in 1024x768 by correcting coordinates
- Fixed crash when entering D13 in DL 1.13 in a recent game
- GAME_PROGRESS_START_MADLAB_QUEST, GAME_PROGRESS_MIKE_AVAILABLE, GAME_PROGRESS_IGGY_AVAILABLE can now be set to 0 instead of minimum 1, like it is mentioned in the ja2_options.ini comment
- Sometimes save games generated by Assert have an invalid startup screen. Added a check to make sure the save game will at least go to the map screen on loading rather than stay on the main screen
- Robot (from Madlab) was not shown in personnel screen.
- Fixed the "Out of memory bug", when loading a savegame with the wrong "data files"
- Fixed errors in UDB description texts
- When we get 2nd robot from Madlab, 2nd robot did not have a weapon
- Fixed main music starting over again, when clicking a main menu selection (Start new game, Credits, ...)
- Closed loophole for helicopter hovering forever
- When merc is standing and equipped with one handed gun (pistol) in first hand slot and 2 handed gun in second hand slot, the animation model was showing 2 pistols (fix by Sandro)
- Improved init code of language specific xml files
- Fixed assertion crash in UC-1.13 cutscene, when Brenda (Deidranna) wants to send troops to the SAM
- Tactical Real-time Retreat bugfix
- Enemy in pursuit mode bugfix
- If SMALL_SIZE_PB = TRUE (ja2_options.ini), in 640x480 and 1024x768 the mall progress bar (rect*thin.sti) was not loaded and displayed
- Added minimum zero condition for weapon deteriorate test as random generator is unsigned variable
- Fixed a bug where item stacks with 128+ items in them would cause an endless loop when trying to sell the entire stack with ALT-SHIFT-CLICK
- History Log Entry for Autoresolve Retreat
- Graphical Fix for 'Highlight Sector' showing before Sector Inv closes using hotkey
- Fixed Assertion, when trying to add pending enemies
- Correct tactical interface font height to fixed Chinese characters smearing bug
- Fixed init problem when starting a new single player game after playing a MP game
- When graphical face gear (eg: SWAT Helment) was shown on the merc face (in tactical turn based), the red opponent count was hidden one layer behind the face gear
- AI: Fixed AI acts strange (does not shoot out of weapon range, ...) when NCTH is enabled
- AI: Made enemies more likely to make a partial move toward the target if the chance to hit is really, really low
- Bobby Ray: Fixed 'Subtotal' disappearing in BR when all items out of stock/not available yet
- Bobby Ray: Fixed enabling/disabling filter buttons
- Bobby Ray: Rearranged BR's Guns sorting buttons to have same layout as Ammo's, e.g. 'Heavy W.' becoming last button
- Bobby Ray: Shifted 'Subtotal' to accomodate 7 figures in browsing screen
- Bobby Ray: Reassigned weird cheatmode financing key. New key: '=' +10k; '+' +100k; '-' -10k; '_' -100k. Formerly: '=' +100k; '-' -10k
- Updated Chinese Translations
- Updated French Translations
- Multiplayer: Fixed crash when hiring a merc with graphical face gear and then closing the laptop (the problem was, that an initializing function was not called in a MP game)
- Multiplayer: Allow "255" as valid in the JOIN-IP Address
- Multiplayer: Fixed crash when trowing items (by Realist)
- Multiplayer: Fixed the bug, playing a "tilt" sound and showing the mini laptop graphic on the screen, when opening the laptop / option screen from map screen from map screen
- Multiplayer: Disabled a few ingame options, that does not work correctly with multiplayer.


Features: ja2.exe

Quick attachment selection

 o The popup will list attachments available for the given slot on the current weapon. Ones not in sector inventory will be greyed out.
o It should show up after clicking on an empty attachment slot, provided these criteria are met:
--> we are on the mapscreen
--> the sector inventory is open
--> the selected merc is in this sector
--> there is no combat in this sector

- Added option to disable the automatic cursor swap (between exchanging positions and other actions eg. talking). (by tazpn)
o if enabled in the option screen, the cursor will not change periodically to the exchange position.
o if enabled, you can manually exchange positions by pressing 'x'
o see here: http://www.ja-galaxy-forum.com/board/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=290487#Post290487


New Shortcuts
o Strategic Screen:
Hotkey 'r': Mobile Milita Restrictions
Hotkey 'u': Opens selected sector inventory screen when item filter is active in strategic screen

o Sector Inventory (with popup text):
Hotkey ',': Previous Page
Hotkey '.': Next Page
Hotkey 'Esc': Exit Sector Inventory

o AIM detail member site
LEFT ARROW: Previous Merc
ENTER: Contact Merc

o New Starting Gear Interface only:
'1' - '5': Kit 1 - Kit 5

o Bobby Ray
Hotkey LEFT ARROW: Previous Items
Hotkey 'Shift + LEFT ARROW': Jump 5 pages Back
Hotkey RIGHT ARROW: More Items
Hotkey 'Shift + RIGHT ARROW': Jump 5 pages Forward
Hotkey ENTER: Order Form
Hotkey '1' - '4': Purchase 1 item ('1' for first item, '2' for second item, ...)
Hotkey 'Shift + 1' - 'Shift + 4': Purchase all items
Hotkey 'Ctrl + 1' - 'Ctrl + 4': Unpurchase 1 item
Hotkey 'Shift + Ctrl + 1' - 'Shift + Ctrl + 4': Unpurchase all items


New Animations
o Merc uses a new "Remote Detonator" animation
o New big mercs with either Throwing trait or Show-Off personality use a slightly more fancy animation for throwing knives.
o New running with pistol animation
o New Female throwing animation


Fast transition of laptop, strategy and fast www sites loading
o In a multiplayer games, for all 3 ini-properties fast loading is enabled!


Mute when item spotted in turn based mode
o ja2_options.ini: ITEMS_SPOTTED_NO_TALK


Bugfixes: XML Editor

- Fixed invalid XML file, when saving MercStartingGear (fix by JMich)
- Allow the XML Editor to parse top level comments (same tag level as <ITEM> and <MERCGEAR>)


Features: XML Editor

- Output the current used MOD folder (from XMLEditorInit.xml) on the splash screen
- Added the new MercStartingGear.xml Tag <mAbsolutePrice> to the detail form and grid 



JA2 1.13 Official Update (2011-07-01)

Revision: 4552


Bugfixes: GameDir files

- Fixed comment for STRENGTH_TO_LIFT_HALF_KILO


- Fixed missing NVG face graphic for Vince

- Fixed red ugly pixels which should be transparent for Gas Masks and NVGs

- Fixed bug in Scripts\GameInit.lua: Crepitus are present in Realistic Game Mode

- Gave Shadow a woodland camo item by default when playing with STOMP traits active

- Fixed starting inventory for MD

- Removed ability to attach a foregrip to the Calico M-900 rifle.

- Added new graphics of Lasersight, LAM, Sniper Scope, ACOG, ACOG-Combo, and Reflex

- Added new graphics of Lasersight, LAM, Sniper Scope, ACOG, ACOG-Combo, and Reflex Sight

- Removed Barrel Extender support from the Super-Shorty

- Removed extra "External Attachment" slot since there is currently only a single external attachment

- XML Editor: Fixed problems with foreign xml languages

- Merc Profile Editor: Wrong personality traits were shown in the drop down list


New Features: ja2.exe

- Enlarged Strategy Screen Map in 800x600 and 1024x768


Bugfixes: ja2.exe

- Fixed bug showing wrong (not updated) opponent counters on merc portraits
- Fixed CTD when clicking on explosive items (eg. chest)
- Fixed Missing merc faces when talking
- Fixed showing weird merc face when merc dies
- Fixed CTD on enemy pathing
- Fixed CTD when switching from IMP page to another web page

- When disarming a bomb when your inventory is full, the merc actually disarming the bomb will now be the active "ItemPointerSoldier"

- Corrected several variable definitions so that large mag capacity is better supported

- It appears that some of the SM Panel pockets were out of alignment by 1 pixel to the right. 

- Recast variables related to the Buddy/Hated system so that proper UINT8 values (0-255) are allowed

- Aim Level function was not allowing negative aim levels which might initially make sense, but if any modifiers would result in a negative value, we'd end up with an high value which would then get reset by the built in limits

- Corrected "equiped" spelling error

- Portraits weren't being re-initialized when changing the TOPTION_SHOW_TACTICAL_FACE_ICONS parameter

- A vector error in the size of the world inventory was causing a mouse button to be deleted twice resulting in an assertion error

- Removed unnecessary weapons.xml write procedure from the ReadInWeaponStats function

- Corrected UDB display issue where ammo and RangeBonus are concerned

- Bullet graphic rendering was causing an internal display error when attaching/removing Ammo attachments from the tactical panel

- Coded some popup box position adjustments so that popup boxes can't be drawn off the screen

- Corrected weapon placement when 2handed weapon is held in off hand during a successful steal attempt

- When retreating from combat, the code was designed to add 5 minutes to the game clock. If another travel group had an arrival time within that 5 minute span, an Assertion error would result

- Because GearAimBonus was altering iSightRange during the CTH calculation, it was possible for an apparently visible target to be effected by the SHOOT_UNSEEN_PENALTY

- Fixed CTD if weapon doesn't have ubDeadliness set it causes a division by zero

- Removed quest reward points for the WHOLE team after you won the boxing and impressed Kingpin

- Formatting of "No funds available" output screwed due to tab char

- Fixed CTD that could occur every day on strategy screen at 08:58 when initializing the inventory for the arms dealer

- Robot can now move through fire/gas tiles without stopping each tile. No need to stop each tile for the robot, because the robot does not get hurt by fire/gas

- Added code to restrict non-ammo item status to 100

- Fixed bug, so we don't lose items when attempting to hand an invalid item to an NPC

- Added a condition so that if a door is not openable, iChance will be reset to 0 in time for the merc to make the "this is impossible" speech

- Fixed "out of memory" crash when loading a savegame with NIV and the wrong "Items.xml" files

- Fixed typo mistakes (Hardest battle, Surgeries undergone)

- Fixed exploit, when it is enemies turn, you can still move when pressing CTRL + L or CTRL + S to open the Save/Load screen and then close the screen without loading/saving

- Multiplayer Fix: Fixed exploit, where a client (which does not currently have the turn) can still move when pressing CTRL + L or CTRL + S to open the Save/Load screen and then close the screen without loading/saving

- Multiplayer Fix: Fixed problem in score screen (stack around variable szPlayerMisses was corrupt)

- Multiplayer Fix: Increased connection timeout to 120 seconds, which hopefully avoids the ID_CONNECTION_LOST when trying to connect with high ping

- Multiplayer Fix: Fixed wrong message in message box, when clients connection got lost 



JA2 1.13 Official Release (2011-05-27)

Revision: 4452


Bugfixes: GameDir files 

- Updated "Items.xml" and "Weapons.xml"

- A few translations for different languages

- Fixed LUA script "StrategicEventHandler.lua", that does not trigger Carmen appearing in C13 when giving him a head


Bugfixes: ja2.exe 

- Updated vision and tunnel range functions so that binoculars are only included in calculations when stored in the primary hand location. Binoculars held in the SECONDHANDPOS will not have any effect on vision

- Resolve a crash that can sometimes occur due to lighting effects for mercs not actually in a sector

- Speck did not send his mail for M.E.R.C. on day 3, if "MERC_WEBSITE_ALL_MERCS_AVAILABLE = TRUE" and "MERC_WEBSITE_IMMEDIATELY_AVAILABLE = FALSE"

- Fix a bug where the auto resolve system could result in a crash

- Fixed a problem where npc quote information was not being loaded properly. This resulted in npcs repeating quotes or not completing quests correctly

- Fixed bug in laptop history: Page number on the history headline was displaying for example "PageA1 / 4" instead of "Page 1 / 4"

- If for some reason you haven't received the SPECK email by day three, this should force the email to be delivered

- Externalized helicopter arrival grid number of new hired merc (ja2_options.ini: INITIAL_MERC_ARRIVAL_LOCATION)

- Fixed type in Autoresolve screen when showing current day/time

- Fixed wrong validation at game start of ini property IMP_MAX_ATTRIBUTE

- Updated ubMagSize variable that's part of the Weapon structure to be the same UINT16 that we use for all the other magsize related variables

- Improved jumping through window code

- Externalized English error message when loading a savegame and the player/enemy/civs/... slots in the savegame differ from the slots in the ja2_options.ini

- Added a condition to only allow PreBattle to start when we're working with a validated sector.

- Fixed UDB display so that Autofire and Burst penalties (in OCTH mode) display in the correct color and factor in AUTOFIRE_TOHIT_BONUS_MULTIPLIER and USE_AIMED_BURST settings

- Corrected a CTD that occurs when a NULL value is submitted to InitPreBattleInterface function

- Updated face system to display the correct camo graphics

- Correct an error where "+255" could appear as a stack limit when a negative number (or simply a -) was actually expected

- Updated the loadgame procedure to reset faces with the correct camo

- Reduced diameter thresholds for NCTH cursor color so that "green" more accurately reflects high hit probability

- Corrected a CTD that occurs when a NULL value is submitted to InitPreBattleInterface function

- Updated face system to display the correct camo graphics

- Correct an error where "+255" could appear as a stack limit when a negative number (or simply a -) was actually expected

- Updated the loadgame procedure to reset faces with the correct camo

- Reduced diameter thresholds for NCTH cursor color so that "green" more accurately reflects high hit probability

- Fixed minor bug in camo loading procedure that could reset Skyrider's face info

- Fix for "Ghost Soldier" issue that can occur when "named" NPC (like Mike) is killed in a sector and the sector is subsequently retaken by the Queen's soldiers

- Multiplayer: Fixed CTD that could occur if a client quits playing during tactical


Bugfixes: XML Editor 

- New icon

- Changes the upper and lower limit of the MagSizeBonus field to 1000 and -250, respectively

- Updated xml editor weapon ammo capacity limit to match magazine capacity limit


Bugfixes: INI Editor 

- New icon

- Support for Chinese and Polish comments



JA2 1.13 Closed Beta History Log (2011-04-25)

Revision: 4362


Bugfixes: GameDir files

- Fixed a few incorrect frames in  merc CAMO portraits

- Added missing camo faces for Wildfire 6.0 IMPs 216, 217, 218, 219

- Added JA2 UB loadscreens

- Altered SectorLoadscreens.xml and initunderground.lua to use some of the new UB loadscreens as alternate loadscreens

- German: Translated English texts in German.Items.xml


Bugfixes: ja2.exe 

- Bugfix: NCTH specific modifiers could show up in OCTH mode. This should now be corrected.

- Fixed a CTD that occurs if a long description is used for attachment slot names

- Bugfix: NAS will no longer display an attachment slot if the only "valid" attachment is not classified as "Legal"

- Corrected a couple game setting external values so that current ja2_options.ini keys are valid

- If previously paid for mobile militia but didn't finish training them, re-assigning mercs to the job would cause an assertion error because we were checking whether normal militia had been paid for instead of mobile militia

- Fixed CTRL+RMB and SHIFT+RMB so that iVehicleId is only considered if the selected merc is in a vehicle.

- Correct a problem where not all IMP items will actually be available

- This should fix the NCTH problem of shooting past corners

- Updated spreadfire code so that autofire aiming is factored into the expected AP cost

- Disabled a pair of assertion errors which may not be needed since the code already deals with the conditions that throws the assertions.

- Additional update to spreadfire code so that autofire aiming is factored into the expected AP cost.

- Correct a problem where not all IMP items will actually be available. (Removed correction is it wasn't needed)

- Moved the General Info to the start of the savegame and loadgame procedures.  We need some of this general info before we start working with items so it was necessary to move the placement of this data in the savegame files. Savegame compatibility is still intact.

- Merc Gear kits weren't being cleaned out after writing a kit to memory. The result was, if you didn't intentionally replace an item, it would be reused from one kit to another

- Fixed a few Texts for STOMP 1.2

- Multiplayer: Fixed crash on interrupt

- Selected merc indicator was not updating correctly when sorting the merc list while holding an item in the cursor

- Updated key ring popup display so that buttons and graphics are properly refreshing

- During the repair process, the system will automatically try to repair every item in a stack, plus all attachments attached to any items in the stack. Therefore, we never want to queue up multiple items in the same stack during the "CollectRepairableItems" process. Doing so can cause the repair system to crash or loop. This update should resolve this issue.

- Auto reload was ignoring backpack restrictions. This is now fixed. Items stored in a closed backpack (while in combat and assuming NIV mode is active) will not be referenced for findAmmo and findObj function calls

- Moving a vehicle from tactical resulted in the wrong group being moved.  As a result, passengers were actually being left behind as far as the code was concerned

- Minor fix to the boxing stat code

- Bugfix: "Reloading" using an ammo crate from strategic panel was resulting in switch from strategic to tactical that resulted in a crash

- This fix should resolve the problem where, occasionally, a doctor performing surgery could get alot of experience points (like a +10 medical) and then pass out from using way too much breach

- Fixed merc acting strange (partially AI controlled merc) after boxing in San Mona. If the bug still exists in an old savegame, after your load the savegame it should be fixed.

- German: Fixed old JA2 vanilla bug string when recruiting an RPC ("... wird von Trupp 123234" eskortiert")

- German: Fixed CTD in German Version when opening IMP result mail. Problem was the too long text strings in variable "MissingIMPSkillsDescriptions"


Bugfixes: XML Editor 

- Added recognition of CONTROL data for npc inventory xml files. This Control data can not currently be displayed or manipulated within the editor, but at least the editor won't inadvertently delete any control data that has previously been manually added to the xml file

- Corrected crash resulting from deleting items in the middle of a shopkeepers inventory list

- Trim attachments.xml and reset try/catch in main function

- Adjustments to MercGearDataForm so that gear points correctly to the appropriate tags

- Update to allow auto-fill on MercStartingGear pages



JA2 1.13 Closed Beta History Log (2011-03-25)

Revision: 4286


Bugfixes: GameDir files 

- Updated "Items.xml" and "Weapons.xml"

- Repaired wrong "Items.xml" and "Weapons.xml" for Data folder

- Updated MercProfiles.xml

- Fixed problem with 0% CTH for PSO-3

- Added missing edt and sound files for wildfire merc (175, 176)

- Updated ammocrate pictures with better ones

- Fixed wrong mouth and eye coordinates for Tex and Biggins in all prof*.dat files

- Updated "MercAvailability.xml"

- Added new FaceGear.xml where we can define which face gear for which item should be visible on the merc portrait

- Altered the 33/p-fence.jsd and 45/p-fence.jsd to make the wall climbable (set the 3 flags: STRUCTURE_FENCE, STRUCTURE_SPECIAL, STRUCTURE_WALL)

- Added new tool "faces.exe" which is useful for showing mouth/eyes animation and face gear (gas mask, nvg)

- New version of "merc-profiles.exe"

- New version of "XML Editor.exe"

- New version of "Map Editor.exe"

- Removed horizontal borderline for vehicles in strategy list, because vehicles are now in the same list than the merc

- Fixed cosmetical pixel offset in inventory sti panel

- Fixed incorrect english text in wildfire Bio texts

- Fixed "talking" and "quest" problems with the 4 UB guys (Stogie, Gaston, Tex, Biggins) in MercProfiles.xml

- Removed "USE_NCTH" from ja2_options.ini and moved it to ingame options

- Externalized the CFA divisor used to calculate best autofire improvement

- Removed "SHOW_TACTICAL_FACE_GEAR" and "SHOW_TACTICAL_FACE_ICONS" from ja2_options.ini and moved it to ingame options


Bugfixes: ja2.exe 

- Fixed getting wrong ammo from John for Automag III

- Fixed assertion when miltia dies

- Additional merc on M.E.R.C website did not show up when both conditions (money, day) were correct

- Fix to resolve problem where SHIFT+K hotkey would swap a 2hand weapon from the gunsling slot, for a 1hand weapon while there was another object in the offhand

- "Old Traits": Characters always show "Normal" in the personal screen for Attitudes, no matter which attitude they have

- "New Traits": IMP mail listed wrong character traits and wrong character traits description

- With "Old Traits" selected, we should display "Attitudes:" instead of "Character:" on the personnel screen

- Current IMP selection step was not reseted, when starting a new game

- Removed Wildfire Mercs from hardcoded MP random xml teams, because the wildfire merc are part of "Data-1.13" and not "Data" folder

- Allow the possibility to give First Aid to Bloodcats and Monsters

- Fixed CTD when opening an merc availability email from WF merc

- Fixed disabled strategy screen buttons, when dismissing the robot

- Fixed a sight range bug that caused OCTH "impossible" shots to actually have a better CTH then simply "difficult" shots

- Handle empty dialog files properly

- Fixed UDB (EDB) tooltip data

- Added check so merc's can't receive "overfilled" items

- Items placed in sector inventory from strategic screen were not placed on the merc's actual level

- Fixed assertion error caused by setting up pathing for multiple vehicles at one time

- Fixed a NCTH bug that made it possible for iMaxAimBonus to become a negative value

- Corrected cover display after "side stepping" while prone

- Adjusted the FindBackpackOnSoldier function so that empty backpacks carried in a pocket other then the BPACKPOCKPOS would not incur the backpack movement penalties

- Talking cursor always showed 6 APs, no matter which AP system you used

- APs for talking with NPCs/RPCs in tactical turn-based were not deducted

- Fixed "bullet" icon on item description box so that it properly updates when adding/removing attachments that alter mag size

- Added BASE_STANDING_STANCE external value for NCTH weapon handling

- Added UDB support for AimBonus and ToHitBonus in OCTH

- Fixed a rendering bug relating to corrections in the attachment system

- Altered the mechanism for using a scope at too close a range in OCTH

- Fully support (we can now scroll) maximum number of merc (MAX_NUMBER_PLAYER_MERCS = 32) and vehicles (MAX_NUMBER_PLAYER_VEHICLES=6) in strategy merc list in ANY resolution

- FACT_PABLE_ALIVE was missing

- Do not display tooltips (ALT key pressed) on bloodcats, creatures, tanks and robot

- When loading an IMP with nickname, and CAMO FACES are enabled, the newly IMP got a camo faces per default

- "Old Trait": Removed CAMO face style for IMP with RANGER trait

- Fixed CTD when opening old Bobby Ray emails

- Added possibility to disable default video intros

- Moved selection of CTH system (NCTH vs OCTH) to option screen

- Fixed savegame loading error with OAS after a NAS savegame was loaded

- Fixed a magnification factor issue

- Fixed a preRecoil issue

- Update the NAS Item Description Box graphics so that LBE and Money items will display the same IDB layout as any other item from the tactical panel

- Replaced tabulator with whitespace in text string. This fixes the 'A' display bug

- Face gear (gas mask & nv goggles) was not shown for our IMPs

- Removed "LOW CPU Usage" option from option screen, because it slows down the whole system

- Fixed wrong portrait for first IMP (when having more than one IMP) after loading the last savegame from Main Menu with ALT + C

- Corrections to NCTH recoil system

- Fixed Climb on Wall feature

- Fixed inventory slot regions were not reseted and deallocated when starting a new game or loading a game with different inventory system like the previous game

- Fixed mouse region in personnel screen for Character Traits help text

- Fixed a CTD that occurs when using autofire within NORMAL_RECOIL_DISTANCE range

- Fixed incorrect mouse regions for KEYRING, MONEY, Townstring

- Fixed CTD (Division with zero) in HAM 4 LOS-Calculation.

- Fixed too long text in MP Chat screen

- Fixed merging of attachments (coolness = 0 problem)

- Fixed duplicate items appearing when mercs die during auto resolve

- Fixed item swap function so that we don't lose stacks of LBE gear when swapping

- Fixed code to allow knife/wirecutter combos to also decapitate heads

- Crows will now fly away when they can hear and see a merc

- Fixed progress bar not moving when loading a sector (in German and Russian Version)

- Changed text "Weakening" to "Weakness" in Personal screen

- Added "Aim Levels compatibility option" -> AIM_LEVELS_COMPATIBILITY_OPTION

- Fixed the SHIFT+N hotkeys so that tests are run to make sure that swaps are legal

- Fixed CTD that occurs when dead mercs are in a team when going to tactical

- Resolved the graphic flaws in EDB

- Autosave no longer overrides the bLastSavedGameSlot value

- 'F' hotkey no longer erroneously says "Chance to Hit" when playing in NCTH mode

- Graphic error fixed where EDB didn't have proper X/Y coords

- Instead of centering the "Cond." label which only works in English, I've aligned the label on the left just like all the other labels are done

- We still got ambushed by bloodcats in bloodcat lair (default: I16) when we already have the bloodcats quest

- In special cases NPC quests where not triggered when talking to NPCs, because the NPC quotes were missing

- Fix OppCnt so that Bloodcat's aren't counted multiple times

- Removed USE_NCTH_CURSOR ini setting.  Use the option panel "Show CTH on Cursor" option instead

- Fixed NCTH cursor so that switching between OCTH and NCTH modes doesn't leave OCTH indicators on the cursor

- Fixed OCTH cursor so that Auto and Burst fire CTH is correctly indicated when aiming

- Fixed NCTH cursor so that information is properly displayed withn "Show CTH on Cursor" is turned off

- Fixed "Shift+K" hotkey on strategic menu so that swap won't happen if an offhand weapon is held

- Moved location of the IDB when viewed from the shop keeper screen while UDB is active

- Fixed repair time estimate display.  Function that generates the time now compares both the item and expected repair time in order to determine a match

- Fixed negative AP values on EDB so they appear in Red instead of Green

- Resolved CTD that occurs when trying to "aim" while punching or knifing

- Multiplayer: Now Bobby Ray has all items in stock which he can sell (defined in Items.xml) and also has same item quantity on all clients

- Multiplayer: Fixed CTD in Release version when loading specific maps (e.g: H13)

- Multiplayer: Fixed CTD with initialization of Kit-Bag, when ja2_mp.ini does not exist or KIT_BAG was not set

- Polish: Some characters were displayed wrong

- German: Fixed spelling and translation mistakes in _GermanText.cpp

- German: Translated all the EDB texts

- German: Fixed CTD in German version when talking to civilians

- German: Fixed toooo long texts


Bugfixes: Map Editor.exe  

- Map Editor: Fixed Editor CTD, when deleting ownership items

- Map Editor: Fixed the maximum grid number (25600) for exit grids on maps

- Map Editor: Added new checkbox "Enlarge map on loading". With this checkbox we can select if we want the map to be enlarged when loading or not.



JA2 1.13 Closed Beta History Log (2011-02-01)

Revision: 4117


Bugfixes: GameDir files 

- Replaced multiplayer STI for Main Menu by singlelayer STI

- Updated MercEdt/176.edt

- Fixed broken sound scheme for all tilesets in "ja2set.dat"

- Updated "Items.xml" and "Weapons.xml"

- Added a ja2_options.ini setting (USE_NCTH_CURSOR) to turn off the aperture and crosshairs of the NCTH cursor.  Other data on the cursor remains active.

- Fixed problem with loading GM-94

- Added a new "ubHandling" tag to take the place of ubReadyTime in the weapon handling portion of the NCTH code.

- German: Fixed spelling mistakes in German.SectorNames.xml

- Russian: Translated texts in "INIEditorJA2.xml" and "LanguageMercProfiles.xml"


Bugfixes: ja2.exe 

- !! IMPORTANT: The current ja2.exe is a Release Build with additional Debug informations, which is very useful for the developers. I hope this does not decrease performance! !!

- NCTH: Fixed projection factor so NCTH cursor displays the actual projection factor a shot will include. This also corrects the shooting aperture so it includes the laser bonus correctly

- NCTH: Split the NCTH "gravity" into two external values: GRAVITY_COEFFECIENT controls how rapidly bullets fall once we pass max range and RANGE_COEFFECIENT is applied against a weapons range value to determine max range.

- NCTH: Updated some of the scope related functions to properly use the trait bonuses for determining scope effective ranges

- NCTH: Remove the "confirm" click that is currently required to take an autofire shot

- NCTH: Corrected problems with the NCTH Recoil code

- NCTH: Fixed "bug" that results from shooting at a target who's facing is perpendicular to the shooters

- NCTH: Fixed a math bug that was causing accuracy during the shooting phase of NCTH to be calculated higher then it should have

- NCTH: Altered the NCTH cursor colors to be based on the final aperture size instead of the "muzzle sway"

- Fixed inventory display so that the "A" flag, highlighting and hatching takes NAS properly into consideration.

- Fixed assertion error after intro ends (without the ESC keypress by the user)

- Corrected skill traits for th wildfire mercs

- Adjusted salary for wildfire mercs

- Activate single file PNG support for "loadscreens/notification.sti" and "interface/splash.sti" in non-english versions

- Removed erroneous AttachmentSystem tags from various items in Items.xml. The only items that should be set to AttachmentSystem=1 are items that are not valid in NAS but things like knives, grenades, canteens and first aid kits all seemed to have been listed as "OAS-only". This should resolve that.

- Fixed GridNumber in "ShippingDestinations.xml" for destination shipping tile (Converted from INT16 to INT32)

- Updated UDB (EDB) to have AimLevels account for skill traits, and to display MaxCounterForce and CounterForceAccuracy

- Squad did not report if a NPC was found in sector (eg: Skyrider)

- Fixed CTH when repairing Items with additional repair mode (ADDITIONAL_REPAIR_MODE = TRUE)

- Fixed HAM 4 - EDB graphical glitches

- Fixed HAM 4 - EDB graphical glitches in shopkeeper screen

- Fixed CTH when giving Madlab a weapon with attachments

- Fixed no additional M.E.R.C merc where showing up to hir     e

- Fixed CTH when moving via helicopter from museum sector

- Fixed a problem where swapping one attachment for another would bypass the IncompatibleAttachments list

- Multiplayer: Fixed CTD when playing in different Sectors. The CTD happened when loading placement GUI

- German: Fixed CTD when opening BSE (IMP) mail

- German: Fixed CTD when compressing time in strategy screen

- German: Fixed wrong traits in Personnel Screen. This bug only occurd in GERMAN version

- Russian: Translation for new description box

- Russian: Translation for Old Skill Traits

- Russian: Translated bonuses for new Traits


A lot of features (Multiplayer, Big Maps, HAM, ...) have been included between 2008 and 2011 that are not listed here in detail.


April 2008 (Build: 2085)



- New Inventory

-  A lot of new shortcut 

- Items and Weapons

- Full German and Russian translation

- Allowed militia to wear camo- Enabled music in windowed mode- New options in ja2.ini- New options in ja2_options.ini- Added missing description texts for IMP skill rooftop sniping and camouflage



- INS key for overhead map is back

- Max distance visible is more consistent in being calculated based on the soldier and direction rather than a fixed number

- Removed breath reduction for soldiers that are not in loaded sector

- Added A* path finding

- JA2 window now refuses to move to negative cords

- Most of the Sir-tech credit names were displayed in dark blue color. Now all credits name are set in "dark-white" color

- Enabled enemy / militia ammo choosing to be limited by coolness

- "Professional Sniper" skill and changes made to aiming and scopes in the CTH calculation functions

- Adjusted the scope vision bonus so that it plays on range with a minimum attainable reduction equal to the scopes minimum range value

- Replaced wrong text for ironman in German version in the start new game screen

- Updated 1.13 credits



- Fixed some variables not being initialized

- Fixed memory leak in new inventory

- Fixed some variables not being initialized

- Fix for slow bullets and other slow animations

- Fixed problem with items with default attachments not comparing to base items correctly

- Fixed inventory memory leak

- Removed an inconsistency between quickload and regular load

- Fixed sticky keys due to loading screens

- Fixed infinite loop/hang after an assertion failure

- Fixed problems with missing tile effect in places such as Alma and Tixa underground

- Fixed potential problem with buffer overruns

- Phantom militia fix

- Fix for incorrect, sometimes negative, values of items sold to locals

- Editor:  Fix for use of uninitialized variable in undo

- Editor:  Fix for clipping bounds that are offscreen (causes crash)

- Fix for AP bonus reading from ja2_options.ini

- Fixed mine indexes when looking for creature infestation of mines

- Fix for militia reinforcements.  Also a change:  If you refuse reinforcements, none will come for the entirety of the battle

- Increase size of cover and LOS grids to fit max radius

- Change the way Alt-L handles reloading

- Fix for freeze when AI killed by mines or other self-inflicted wounds

- Fixed breath APs

- Fix for mouse movement when clicking on mercs.  In windowed mode would move the cursor to odd places on screen

- Enemy group invasion tactics fixed.  Now reinforcements come from all directions, same as from surrounding stationary reinforcements

- Removed shuriken check

- Fix for uninitialized group in reinforcements

- Fixed AI deadlock when multiple soldiers occupy the same tile

- Fix  to reset Pablo so that future thefts can also be punished

- Fix  for missing enemies in mobile group when player invades

- Sometimes if you press with the right mouse button on the radarmap, the overhead map view was not displayed

- Fix for enemy invasions and reinforcements

- Fixed HE Ammo Bug

- Fix for the "CONT" that won't go away

- Fix for AI seeking climb point in toxic gas

- Fix for civilians trying to climb the roof to seek noise

- Fixed punching and stabbing

- Fix for militia transported to NOWHERE during autoresolve in a different than current sector

- Weapon CTH at extreme range now calculated with soldier's real sight max

- Fix for 1% chance to hit target when distance is > 52

- Many memory leaks plugged

- Fix CTD in mouse regions

- Infant/Young creatures use restored spit instead of molotov

- Suppression should no longer work on mercs in medium water

- Prevent mercs from falling and flying back through obstacles

- Throwing a grenade at the tail of the plane in Drassen should not result in a CTD

- Editor: Fixed CTD in editor when changing detailed civ placement from wheelchair to jeep

- Sam sites with index >=5 lacks ability to train militia

- Some fixes on soldier direction calculations

- Fixed night combat chance to hit

- For expert difficulty level, that leads to adding INSANE_ELITE_BONUS after applying of EXPERT_ELITE_BONUS

- Editor: Fixed memory leak and CTD with editor summary info

- Fixed print-screen for full-screen mode

- Fixed update of items for which auto/burst does not apply when swapped into the hand

- Moved helicopter in Estoni so that it is unblocked by a weed and can therefore appear completely

- Fixed conditions where the game should remain paused but doesn't, and where it should unpause but doesn't

- Fixed appearance of save game corruption when a game with different inventory set is loaded.  Note that such games can still cause odd behavior and CTD's

- Fixed soldiers unable to fire if an error happened while firing the off-hand weapon

- Fix animation system problems with soldiers interrupted while changing stance, such as twitching and not being able to navigate around obstacles

- Prevent splitting money while an item is in the hand, which would result in losing the original item

- Fix reverse of X, Y when checking visibility through a roof, which could make soldiers falsely visible/invisible

- Prevent militia from simply waiting on the border when enemies are known to be in the sector

- Fix stack overflow for soldier inventory debug display

- AI can now use all climb points for climbable buildings, not just a random few

- Fix to not allow flat roof butted against slanted roof to be identified as a climb point

- Prevent soldiers who cause an interrupt from a special action from continuing on their path after being interrupted

- Prevent soldiers who enter or leave deep water from moving a space too far and turning back

- Fix AI units to reload/rechamber off-hand when necessary

- Fix to prevent soldiers from climbing the wrong building while moving toward a disturbance

- Fix to prevent soldiers from doing nothing when a climb point is not nearby

- Fix to prevent rain and storm from happening at once

- Fix memory leaks in strategic pathing

- Fix AI soldiers losing ready stance while deciding next move

- Fix for clock problem when dual wield or auto-fire causes a soldier to turn on the first shot but knocks him down on a successive shot

- Fix for medics in autobandage trying to open locked or trapped doors and causing UI lockup due to door open menu popup

- Prevent attempts to turn or climb roof when soldier collapsed

- Fix problems when mortar or RPG randomly assigned to a soldier but cannot be added for whatever reason

- Pathing favors beginning path on orthogonal and using as few turns as possible (mostly old behavior)

- Prevent interruptions when soldier climbs up, which can cause fall into building just below the target roof position

- Fix pauses due to soldiers hurt in previous turn

- Fix soldier path not reaching destination when thrown by explosion damage or heavy gunfire

- Restore pathing to cave and underground exits

- Fix too many AI ending up on the roofs

- Fix infinite recursion for tank sighting.  This could have a side effect of causing sight glitches, but that's much better than a stack overflow/CTD

- Fixed bug when merc cannot automaticly leave the ring after boxing

- Fixed bug, appearing as overlapping text in insurance web-site on high screen resolutions

- Added support for Russian city names and Items

- Fixed contract length exploit (hire merc for 2 weeks for the price of 1 day)

- Fixed insurance emails repeating when you choose "delete" but then say no

- Fix overflow when combining two items with high counts (such as 200-round boxes of ammo)

- Path AI fixes

- Fixed issues with non-interruptable animations causing infinite clock

- Fixed some issues with soldiers not reaching their plotted destination

- Fixed escorted players who were cowering, being unable to move after joining party

- Only allow militia to climb roofs if their orders allow them to move

- Fix bug where AI might climb the wrong roof on the way to the destination roof

- Allow AI who have gone outside their patrol grid, to return to the grid

- Filter buttons under used category in Bobby Rays

- Hand to hand combat (knifes, claws, ...) was disabled in auto battle. 

- Creatures are gone if you compress time in strategic and select auto battle

- Speck sends wrong mail if any of the 4 new guys (Text, Stogie, Biggens, Gaston) level up

- Item duplication bug

- If the merc arrives with the helicopter at night (defined in the ja2_options.ini) it was daytime in tactical

- Fixed a problem with Nails so he always starts with his leather jacket, even if you don't buy his gear

- Fixed an exploit where no enemies are present in starting sector

- Fixed an item duplication bug related to the item description window and unloading a weapon

- MadLab fix related to handing him a weapon with attachments

- Editor: Bugfix to resolve a Map Editor problem where you would constantly receive a "Major Version Update" message

- Fixed a bug in the "sell all" strategic inventory screen options. Money now gets sold without modification and unreachable items can't accidentally be sold

- Bugfix to stop a CTD that could occur if the system inadvertently tries to stack two money objects that have a 0 uiMoneyAmount amount

- Fixed a CTD that occured when reloading a weapon from the sector inventory panel

- Fixed the sector inventory panel so that you could reload weapons that could be stacked



July 2007 (Build: 1080)



- Items and Weapons

- Menu option: Low CPU Usage

- Optional ja2.ini parameter to select window mode instead of Full-Screen (SCREEN_MODE_WINDOWED)

- Added window around windowed mode of JA2

- Added error and quit if JA2 started in window mode in >16bpp color depth

- Externalized game progress weights

- Allow dead I.M.Ps to be replaced

- Add another way to progress in the game (sectors visited)

- Added INI setting to disable stealing

- Remove attachments and unload all weapons in sector (Shift+F)


- Externalized sector loadscreens to TableData\Map\SectorLoadscreens.xml (INI setting: USE_EXTERNALIZED_LOADSCREENS)

- New item throwing animation in crouched stance

- Externalized game starting time

- Added checks so enemies don't try to chuck RPG grenades with their hands

- Added possibility, so that mod makers can add their credits and display them in the credits screen (BinaryData\Credits_Mod.edt)

- Shift+M moves all items in sector to location of selected merc

- Ctrl+Y deletes all items of selected type from the sector inventory

- Alt+Y sells all items of selected type from the sector inventory



- German Items and Ammo description text

- Location of the Helicopter information box in Strategy Screen in High Resolution

- Increased inventory capacity for I.M.P items doled out in TableData\IMPItemChoices.xml

- Changed ammo given to I.M.Ps so they have at least two clips for their main gun

- Updated credits screen to the 1.13 Credits

- Moved ja2.set (game settings file) to a custom data directory defined in ja2.ini

- Allow more slots for I.M.Ps.

- Changed the way tracers are visualized, so they work more like real tracers instead of a light fountain

- Enabled investigation of lost city sector by the enemy

- Removed Omerta from the list of "unimportant" sectors (Estoni and San Mona still "unimportant")



- CTD in German Version if you press 'q' in tactical

- CTD when Skyrider is escorted to his Helicopter in Drassen (before Skyrider talks to the mercs)

- Some menu descriptions

- Some crashes when loading 4xx built savegames

- Tactical militia command: Stopped merc from moving to militia in combat if he doesn't have a headset (radio)

- Correct wrong (some pixels) strategic map buttons alignment

- Some bugs which occurred when loading a 1.13 savegame which was saved under an older 1.13 build

- End move & LOS bug ('END' button has two different actions)

- Sniper Deadlock

- Grenade AP loss

- Chance to Hit

- Rooftop chance to Hit

- Allow different types of GL grenades to be attached to the grenade panel and the ALICE pack

- Grenade launchers (allow reloading with valid ammunition only)

- Stacking items in sector

- Wrong placement of the terrorists pictures on the files section in the laptop

- Allowed queen to attack Omerta before day 2 at 7:45AM and Drassen before day 3 at 6:30AM

- The reinforcements are not reassigned anymore when the sector where they were going to is captured by player

- Omerta garrison is not reassigned anymore when queen fortifies cities

- Text placement in insurance laptop pages in higher resolutions

- CTD when someone fell off the west side of a building 

- Assertion failure when Skyrider leaves a sector where a merc cannot be woken up 

- Boxing fixes: Opponent no longer "seeks cover", ie jumps back out of the ring; no longer will pick up a gun from the ground while boxing

- Disappearing corpses (and possibly items) when cursor hovers over a square on the rooftop

- Roof inaccessible tiles problem

- AI hang while deciding on an action (fire 0 rounds on auto)

- Automated scrolling if you talk to someone in small maps (ie: Rebel Basement) in high resolution (1024x768)

- Scrolling problem in radar map in small maps (ie: Rebel Basement) in high resolution (1024x768)

- Sometimes a mortar is chosen but later rejected, but the grenade class was not reset

- Cannot shoot enemies in the head if they are standing in the water

- Soldiers are much less willing to forfeit their turn over an attempt to use more APs than they have

- Removed early setting of muzzle flash. This would allow enemies to get an interrupt before you even fired

- If AI tries to drop something while standing it would cause deadlock

- Change to greatly speed up closing the sector inventory window in an unloaded sector

- Shift+R (autoreload) doesn’t check if the ammo is accessible/visible

- Fix to enemy sector investigation:  Was deducting from redshirts when elites investigated

- Fix to tanks to add them in their original spot when a new one cannot be found. Should modify to remove old wreckage in this case.

- AI tries to fire mortar when no room for it

- Tanks try to throw knives

- Animation deadlock when crouched soldier's final destination is to jump a fence

- Path issues where a soldier would sometimes jump the wrong fence

- Brute force to finally make militia show up when they're supposed to

- Stop assertion failure for stack of 6 throwables

- Report correct damage and AP for stacked throwables

- Print screen for full-screen mode

- Soldier do not continue towards destination if previous path ended with a special move

- Newly placed tanks do not drag away old wreckage if present


January 2007 (Build: 687)



- Items and Weapons

- Sam sites externalization (TableData\Map\SamSites.xml)

- Added notification when you try to create a new I.M.P and you already have the maximum number of mercs (18) in your team

- Tooltips on the enemies are only displayed, if the enemy can be seen by the selected merc. This only takes effect if tooltip detail level = 1 (limited) or 2 (basic)

- Army externalizations (TableData\Army)

- Added ability to use ogg-files in speech and sound files

- Added armour filter buttons (helm, vest, legging, plate) to Bobby Rays

- Added misc filter buttons to Bobby Rays

- Slow progress for enemy items choice added in the Ja2_Options.ini

- Enemies and militia can have ambidextrous skill and a second gun (only elites and regular troops / militia)

- Added new menu option: Silent Skyrider

- Cleared I.M.P activation text box after a new I.M.P was created

- Queen tries to get the cities back after they were liberated, just like the Sam's

- Added possibility to dismiss a vehicle without passengers



- Updated TableData\Map\Cities.xml, so player can choose if militia can be trained in town or not (Ja2_Options.ini)

- Translated tooltip strings for German Version

- Changed APs for stealing from 10 to 14

- You cannot steal items from head, body, leg or face until the enemy is collapsed (lying on the ground)

- Set max number of towns (50), town sectors (260) and sam sites (50) on strategic map

- Reworked some Items and weapons

- AP costs for reloading a Grenade Launcher or a Rocket Launcher by attaching an item are taken now from TableData\Weapons.xml

- Updated German Items and Ammo description text



- Misplaced I.M.P email three days after I.M.P was created

- Inventory scroll buttons on personal web site

- Enemy landmine bug

- CTD in Drassen Mine battle

- CTD when trying to recruit John & Mary and there is only one free place left in the team

- Issue with visibility of enemies after raising scoped gun

- CTD after you have placed your mercs before the attacking occurs

- Wrong APs deduction from stealing

- Sometimes you get Nada objects from stealing

- CTD when trying to add 13th town in TableData\Maps\Cities.xml

- CTD after talking to Darren in San Mona (in the boxing club)

- Endless clock after stealing

- Improper sam site marking for Strategic AI

- Secrets on strategic map and other externalized stuff are not properly initialized, if user loads a saved game before he creates a new game

- Reinforcement problems

- Wrong text placement in the florist gallery website

- Mary & John cannot be escorted if you have 16 mercs in your team

- Memory leaks

- Tracer bullets animation starts some tiles away of where the shooter is

- Gabby did not show up in Sci-Fi mode

- Invisible Ira bug in rebel basement

- Militia, came as reinforcements, tend to stop at a halfway, if main battle is at the opposite side of map, they are coming from.

- When merging an item to a stack of items all of them were converted to a new item

- Militia always has equipment one level lower than enemy when slow progress is on (slight re-balance of militia involved battles)

- Invalid APs deduction when shooting - player saves one AP, if he raises weapon first and then shoots

- CTD when tooltiping on militia and no merc is in that sector

- If queen retakes mine sector, player still gets income (money) from the mine although the "Daily Income" string on Strategic Screen is shown correctly

- No explosion if the rocket launcher was reloaded manually (with attaching a rocket / grenade)

- German “Umlaute” are not always displayed correct for item names



October 2006 (Build: 602)



- Auto save feature

- Load I.M.Ps with multiple spaces in the nickname

- New optional armour coverage mod

- Added EDITOR_SCREEN_RESOLUTION setting to Ja2.ini

- Strategic movement costs externalisation (TableData\Map\MovementCosts.xml)

- Added INI Setting and ability to manually train mobile militia at a cost

- Added INI setting and ability to train veteran militia

- Added sector variation (TableData\Map\AltSectors.xml)

- Added INI settings to remove mercenary on-assignment deaths, and also set the number of deaths per difficulty level

- Added INI settings for delaying veteran militia training and mobile militia training

- Added INI settings cost modifiers to promoting green militia to regular and promoting regular to veteran

- Added INI setting to stop thunderstorms and still allow rain

- sound manager now logs driver capabilities

- Added EXPERIENCED_ELITE_BONUS setting to INI file, functions like the bonus for higher difficulties.

- enabled town names in cities.xml

- reworked cities.xml handling section, added new fields

- fix that allows game to accept both capital and small letters as a y-coordinate of a sector in MovementCosts.xml

- updated most of the editor screens to the high resolution. Editor should now work with high resolution.

- updated some editor files for the high resolution

- Added support for 255 tilesets in editor



- Ammo weight calculation

- Reorganized structure of xml files

- Enabled town names (TableData\Map\Cities.xml)



- Jeep & Eldorado share the same animation like the Hummer

- Enemies do not wear NVGs at night

- Gas mask was always worn in low-level tooltips

- CTD when bullets hit door

- Enemy tooltip fixes

- CTD bug when stealing

- CTDs with multiple IMPs

- I.M.P emails show profile of Barry Unger

- Wrong chance to hit calculation on RPG rocket launchers

- CTD in German version when using auto fire

- Intense save/reload fix

- CTDs with tanks

- Average column in laptop profiles was not correct calculated

- German.Items.xml can now use "Umlaute"



September 2006 (Build: 502)



-Added <scifi> tag in Items.xml

-Added auto-aim to spread fire to make it actually useful

-Added Bobby Ray’s filter buttons to guns, ammo und used items

-Added ENABLE_CREPITUS flag to Ja2_options.ini. This flag will allow you to enable/disable crepitus in Sci-Fi mode, but you can take advantage of the items that only appear in Sci-Fi mode

-Added ENABLE_ALL_WEAPON_CACHES and ENABLE_ALL_TERRORIST flags to Ja2_Options.ini (Requires new game)

-Externalized assignment (repair, doctor, training) constants to Ja2_Options.ini and added a few for good measure

-Added new items

-Enabled Map Editor again

-Proper loading of map versions 5.0, 5.25 and 6.0

-Vehicle inventory

-Additional enemy/militia drop item system, which uses new XML-files (EnemyWeaponDrops.xml, …)

-Ability to variate sector maps between common and alternative during generation of a new game. This feature can be switched off for individual sectors.

-Put a stop to enemies and NPCs running into gas and fire

-Externalized AP costs for attachments or an attachment-by-attachment basis

-Added <APCost> tag to Attachments.xml

-Made mercs say quote when blinded by flashbang

-Enable enemies to fire underslung GLs

-Allow view of sector with no soldier in it

-Toggle on/off rain sounds in the option screen

-Added missing brightness level text string to the German version. Press “F” in tactical screen

-Added flashbangs, which only work indoors or at night


-Added ALLOW_SOLDIER_TOOL_TIPS flag to Ja2_Options.ini (Hold “ALT” and move mouse cursor over enemies)

-Silencer burst sounds

-Dynamic ammo weight option

-Different camo kits (wood, urban, desert, …)

-Toggle on/off craws in the option screen

-Localized item and ammo string for German and Russian version (German.Items.xml, …)



-Increased chance of damage from gas by 5%

-Some items status and graphic tweaks

-Fire always damages

-Changed <bipod> tag in Items.xml from a boolean to an integer. It is now the to-hit bonus for the bipod

-Random GL grenades chosen by enemies now limited by player progress




-Display cover

-CTD when new merc arrive in Omerta

-Airstrikes still occurring

-Auto resolve is not working with big enemy groups

-Bobby Ray’s not stocking things later in game if they were illegal when game started. (Requires new game)

-Bobby Ray’s item display error

-Negative ammo prices

-Integral bipods not working properly

-Breaklights not working in Drassen Mine sector

-Dying soldiers don't fallback into obstacles anymore, but they still fallback through walls

-Vehicles sharing same animation

-Freeze after loading any saved game at a second time

-Attachments not costing APs

-No militias are present in the sector for the battle, even though they do appear on the strategy map.

-Wrong laptop zooming animation

-Enemies turn around in tactical (turn-based-mode) between the players turn

-Grenade through window bug

-CTD in strategy screen, when enemies try to retake a city sector

-Freeze in Grumm sectors after ending a players turn

-Crash during enemy turns in Tixa sector

-Misplaced merc screen position in high resolutions

- Stop Roaming militia from entering city sectors and impassible sectors.

-CTD in I.M.P screen

-90210 not working properly in I.M.P screen

-Mercs complaining about really good equipment

-Smoke grenades have the same effect than mustard gas grenades

-Invisible enemies

-Manuel reload for two one handed weapon

-Barrel extender falls off while none is attached

-Wrong ammo colors, if you remove the ammo from the weapon

-Enemies wear sun goggles at night

-Curious CTDs, if Windows 98 is the operating system



June 2006 (Build: 306)



- Rain and lightning visual and sound effects (Can be modified and turned on/off in the INI file)

- Visibility radius decrease when rainig

- Weapon relyability decrease when rainig

- Possibility to spot the enemy at night with lightning

- Aiming without shooting with "L" key

- Added status of the items to item 'tooltip'

- Added an AutoPenalty stat to Weapons.xml to complement BurstPenalty

- Added a NoSemiAuto stat to Weapons.xml to enable weapons that are Full-Auto only, code also added for AI to not use NoSemiAuto weapons in semi-auto mode

- Added an APBonus stat to Items.xml to enable items to give you an APBonus/Penalty (ie: heavy armour)

- Burst sounds externalized, SilencedBurstSound tag added to weapons.xml

- Added two new Merge options: Use_Item (6) and Use_Item_Hard (7), which enable the use of a single item on another single item. The hard one performs a mechanics check. Use_Item_Hard can be eventually be used for caliber conversion kits, etc. (But we still need to add code to dump the old ammo).

- Enabled the AimBonus and ToHitBonus stats to be read in from worn gear

- New weapon sounds, with bursts up to 50 bullets

- Added 200+ new guns, 30+ new grenades, 9+ new grenade launchers, 4 new rocket launchers, 8 new knives, a new throwing knife, 2 new armour attachments, 50+ new armours, 10+ new misc. items, 6+ new weapon attachments, 15+ new ammo calibers & 12+ new types of ammo (including cold-loaded variants)

- added fonts to display russian letters for Ivan

- added 007.edt (Ivan) with proper encoding (use it only on english version, in german version everything is translated in german)

- Soundmanager v1.1 added (supports MP3 and OGG formats)

- Added a "Previous" and "Next" button to the merc account screen

- Added bullet tracers (& tracerEffect to AmmoTypes.xml)

- Added militia control in tactical (can be turned on/off in ja2.ini file)

- Aiming/readying gun: shows in red the points needed for readying gun

- Added tile lighting animation effects to tracer bullets, forced muzzle flash on tracers so enemies can see you, regardless of flash suppression

- Deadlock delay adjustable in ja2.ini

- Sight Range adjustable in ja2.ini

- Enable/disable vSync in ja2.ini

- Play weapon sounds on higher volume adjustable in ja2.ini

- New feature: Militia movement on strategic map v1.3

- New feature: Automatic reload - Press Shift+R in tactical to reload all weapons of your team with magazines from sector inventory

- New feature: Swap items - Press Shift+N in tactical to swap sungoggles and nightgoggles

- New feature: Rearrange sector inventory - Press Shift+S in tactical to rearrange sector inventory

- Externalized Explosion data for exp. animations, sounds, etc.

- New key: Climb/Jump - Press "j" in tactical to climb the roof / jump over the fence

- Externalized settings for Madlab quest, Mike and Iggy

- Externalized visibility decrease for rain

- Added control to skip strategic events (set ENABLE_EMERGENCY_BUTTON_NUMLOCK_TO_SKIP_STRATEGIC_EVENTS to TRUE to enable, press and hold NumLock in strategy screen to skip strategic events)


- Added additional damage multiplier to explosives/melee/guns

- Made camobonus not depend on gear status

- Externalized more strategic AI settings

- New German translation

- added limited vision option

- tool tips for Bobby Ray added

- new feature: manual reloading for bolt-action rifles and pump-action shotguns

- added code for enemies to carry money items / wallets w/actual deposit-able cash

- new setting in game options: Space selects next squad, when turned on there is no need to press Shift+Space to select next squad

- added Lalien's 8AP aiming code

- added option (in preferences + shortcut = 'q') to fire grenade launchers at higher angles, thereby allowing ranges to increase to 45+. It's an option so grenades don't always need to be fired so high. It should also allow grenades to be fired over obstacles.

- added option to choose whether extra aim levels apply to rifles only

- leadership increase when commanding militia

- added a message for breaking locks/doors

- externalized settings for mobile militia

- Bonus AP Setting to give enemies extra AP in INI file

- Added underslung GLs to enemy loadouts (w/ammo) and enabled the AI to use them

- Added externalzed AI settings for unlimited troops and aggressive queen and enabled them for all difficulty levels

- Added menu option to show weapon ranges in tiles/meters

- Allowed to enter tactical view for any visited sector

- Added menu option to show/remove item shadow

- activated 'skip' button for all meanwhile screens

- enabled AI to fire at opponents seen by other AIs on Expert & Insane

- added item status values (1-100%) to selling price calculation for selling to locals

- removed disk space check because it was coming up with a warning despite the fact that I have 12 GB space free



- Changed missing screens (from previous Versions) to the High-Resolution

- Swapped internal shopkeeper character numbering to match the Prof.dat in 1.13 (Gabby/Smithy)

- Changed the location of the savegame structure - Each mode contains its own savegame folder in its own data-folder

- Added code to use the Accuracy tag in Weapons.xml

- IMP.dat file changed to save a different file for each IMP

- Different existing IMPs can be loaded by typing their names in the IMP webpage

- Changed required camouflage amount to show merc as camo'd to 50%, due to some new items affecting the camouflage %

- Changed the air strike options to be: "tons of guns" and "10 tons of guns"

- Used the BigGunList stat in Items.xml to determine whether items can show up depending on the selection from #9

- Completely redid all the existing weapons' stats (and a couple images).

- Changed some weapons' calibers, such as the SVD dragunov to 7.62x54r and the Type-85 to 7.62x25mm.

- Moved most of the old 1.13 specific weapons around in Items.xml to new spots. The items.xml file now goes to over 1000 (w/some "nothing" entries for organization)

- Kept all the UB weapons, and some new weapons/items inside the old 350 item limit, so they can be assigned using ProEdit.

- Altered the binary files so pro-edit can see the right item names.

- Throwing knife code changed, so that we can have more than one type of throwing knife. For now, this means that tossing your knife into the dirt won't un-bloody it.

- Reinstated 5% to-hit bonus for using a pistol w/two hands (nothing in offhand) that the devs commented out

- Some changes for international versions

- Re-enabled Ironman-Feature in the "Start new game screen"

- Re-enabled laptop animation

- Moved new game settings from ja2.ini to Ja2_Options.ini

- Changed descriptions for options menu items

- Game version length changed

- removed some files

- extended item info on tool tip

- Cosmetic changes to the strategy screen

- changed scope ranges to be % of base visible range

- removed the +50's from the bonus calculations

- restricted aiming by scope min. range, 4 APs for no scope, 6 APs for min range >= 6 tiles, 8 APs for min range >= 9 tiles

- updated aiming levels to use a % of sight range, and to allow only rifles & sniper rifles to use aiming levels > 4

- made default militia settings less aggressive

- renamed and updated prof.dat files by difficulty level and tons of guns selection

- re-sorted shopkeeper items by name, since there were too many to list otherwise.

- vision range bonus applied only in front direction when using scope or another item with tunnel vision effect

- finding tunnel vision bonus changed

- rooftop vision bonus changed to % instead of tiles

- vision range bonus changed to % instead of tiles

- Enemies tend to carry a little more ammo now, so they won't run out so quickly when using Tactics like Suppression fire.

- Rewrote enemy sniper code to take advantage of new weapon raising and vision bonus code

- w/aggressive setting enabled: increased queen attacks on sectors after losing towns (ie: reduced her turtling up into meduna after losing some towns) -- requires unlimited reinforcements

- removed lighted spots from valid locations to move to for flanking, finding cover and running away

- moved the running out of lighted areas code to after the main Red AI - this will prevent enemies from running into and back out of lighted areas; however, it might also mean that they end up running straight through the light sometimes

- reduced minimum default status for bonus depreciation from 100 to 85

- increased enemy group size sent according to specific events (first battle, lost town, lost sam site) to be minGroupSize + old value

- increased probing attacks from queen after player conquers a sector

- increased admin-type troops being promoted to redshirt troops on hard/expert and insane (just garrisons on expert)

- decreased quality of items dropped by enemy soldiers, based on difficulty level, as per the following formula: (dif_level - 1) * Random (20), so 0% for novice, up to 60% for insane

- always show game progress in version info (was only when using cheats)

- updated breaklight duration checks to allow us to have shorter duration breaklights

- The weapons were deprecating too fast due to wrong item in reliability calculation (2x gun reliability, now gun + ammo reliability)



- Bugfixing with the High-Resolution screens

- Made tactical map loading code more robust against maps with bogus buildings

- Made tactical map loading code more robust against maps with characters with bogus locations or schedules

- Commented out all the Air Strike code. Air strikes should now be completely removed.

- Bugfix: Auto Resolve CTD - No crash anymore but there is no background image when you select mercs to retreat and there more than 36 militia in sector on 640x480. Also cheating is removed (count of enemys that fight was not more than 32, now 256) .

- Workaround for CTD/Freeze when viewing cover/LOS

- Bugfix: CTD when climbing on roof. (Lighting.cpp LightRevealWall and LightHideWall additional check added)

- Bugfix: not possible to hit enemy on roof, bullet hits something just after shot

- Bugfix: CTD when try to pickup items from dead body. (Tiledef.cpp check CHECKF( usIndex < NUMBEROFTILES ); added into GetTileType and GetWallOrientation)

- Taking screenshot with high resolution is now working

- Bugfix: CTD from AutoResolve screen when attacker uses knife

- Items with coolness = 0 are "illegal"

- Made wirecutter cursor appear for utility knife when able to cut fences

- bug fix: breath reduction while raining

- refresh for laptop screens fixed

- bug fix: CTD when shoot at soldier and see items afterwards (happens not always)

- bug fix: CTD when clicking on buttons

- screen shots are not overwritten anymore

- check for invalid sector in GetCurrentBattleSectorXYZAndReturnTRUEIfThereIsABattle

- bug fix: CTD when enemy throws a grenade

- fixed strings for Auto Resolve

- Bugfix: Crash when a Merc with Marksmanship < 10 used Autofire.

- Bugfix: Militia will no longer go hostile when a cow or crow is killed by an explosion caused by the player.

- Bugfix: Added a check to make sure there is no hidden soldier in destination gridno when climbing up/down.

- bug fix: CTD in endgame when killing Deidrana

- disabled code for CD-ROM check (game was killed every time when USB-Stick was removed)

- pre-load enemy weapons with the ammo type that was selected for them instead of the default type

- ensured enemies have a minimum number of bullets, rather than a random # of clips (at least 20 bullets) This should stop those guys with the sawed-off shotguns (2rd capacity) from running away after 5-10 shots.



November 2005


- New data directory structure. Default data (copliant with v. 1.12) is located in the Data folder, while data specific to mod 1.13 is located in the Data-1.13 folder. Users can make their own custom data folders and switch between them. See install guide for more details.

- JA2 Editor (Released Seperately and still using the 10-07 code base)

- Hi-Res Version (Released as an exe patch)

- Explosive skill increase for setting and disarming mines and traps is restored. However, neither action succedes automatically as before: a skill check is performed as with other explosives (it is, however, easier to disarm your own mine/trap).

- UB tilesets add-on, which enables the use of maps using JA2 UB tilesets in JA2.

- Added confidurable option to adjust ALT-LMB selling price and turn it on/off in INI


Bug fixes: 

- Busy mercs no longer assigned to squads when no mercs free in sector, except when an air strike occurs. Can remove mercs from all assigned squads (to fix this bug when it happened in an older version) by pressing ctrl+alt+s.

- Various airstrike-related fixes.

- "Ghost Squads" have been fixed.

- Snipers can no longer fire without a spotter (AI fix).

- Fixed a bug that caused wisdom to improve too fast when picking locks.



October 2005


- thermal optics

- tunnel vision

- weapon stat bonuses

- vision and hearing range bonuses

- Default attachments - created and added when item is created

- Launchables that decrease in status, instead of being removed, when launcher's mag size > 1

- Burst & spread fire for grenade launchers

- lockBustingPower stat for "knock-knock" ammo types

- BurstAPs stat replaces bBaseAutofireCost

- CamoBonus and BestLaserRange stats

- percent volume reduction

- Audible warnings using a previously unused merc quote when enemy tanks or rocket launchers are present

- Maximum Tilesets is now 255, with no additional code changes required to add new tilesets. (UB Tileset add-on Pack Available for Download)

- GL Burst cursor-type toggle option in preferences screen (also shift-G)

- UB style reveal all enemy gear when sector cleared

- time-of-day-dependent vision bonuses scale better with time of day

- Item bonuses scale better with item status

- Laser scopes now operate most effectively at a certain range, decreasing their bonus beyond that and don't operate as well in bright light.

- Air Strikes added

- IMP items configurable in xml; includes options for random items and items for any stat/specialty.

- IMP clothing colours vary by portrait

- Adjusted the IMP male body selection so that it allows you to have a large body, regardless of portrait, and won't replace your martial arts skills w/HTH, but rather just give you a smaller body.

- Breath overflow bug fixed.

- Basic settings externalized into INI file, including starting cash, enemy difficulty and numbers, militia numbers and cost of training.

- Turn random IMP Personalities and Attitudes ON/OFF or pick and choose your own attitude and personality.

- Make the MERC Website available at the beginning of the game.

- Option to allow all Mercs from MERC available as soon as the website is available.

- Sniper rifle damage upped by 10 pts each

- C-Mag adapters (9mm and 5.56mm)

- 100 rd Beta C-Mags (9mm and 5.56mm)

- 40 rd 4.6mm mag for MP-7

- mustard gas mortar shell

- 6 rd 20mm HE clip for OICW

- 6 rd cylinders (frag, smoke, stun) for MGL Mk.1

- 20 rd 5.7mm mags for Five seveN (We need to clean these images up at some


- MP-5A2

- MP-5SD3

- MP-5N

- UMP-45

- Five seveN pistol

- P7M8 pistol

- G36K

- G36C

- G36E

- MSG-90A1

- Bennelli M4 Super 90 shotgun

- AK-103

- RPG-7


- Commando Mortar (in addition to regular one)

- OICW, with integrated grenade launcher and 6-shot 20mm HE mags (GL

supports 2-shot bursts)

- Milkor MGL Mk.1 40mm grenade launcher (with 3-shot bursts possible)

- Tex's Hartford 6 shooters

- Characters added from UB: Gaston, Stogie, Tex, Biggins

- Relevant quotes added for Speck to say. These guys are usable with the creatures and will say some new/reused quotes

- Enemies can use the new GL bursts

- Enemes can use suppression fire to try send you to the ground and make you lose APs (but not out of visual range)

- Fixed several LOS fixes causing a CTD in the game.

- The LOS indicator now works correctly at night.

- Vision bonuses no longer apply to worn items in-hand

- Control + LMB on map inventory screen to permanently delete items w/out confirming

- Alternate + LMB on map inventory screen to sell items to the locals for 25% of their value w/out confirming (configurable)

- Ctrl-D turns ON/OFF the Enemy's Drop All option

- Externalized: Enemy Item Choices, IMP Item Choices, Ammo Types

- Added Lockbuster Ammo



September 2005


- Item limit removed

- autofire shots slow down a bit when the firing enemy is off-screen.

- Multiple Interrupts. So now if you pass on your first chance, you can have another.

- UB Style IMP generation screens

- It is now possible to drop leadership to Zero.

- Rebalanced stat gains

- Flash suppressor

- Reflex scope

- Reflex sight

- When throwing knives, you will now stop if you see a new enemy.

- Autofire now has same penalty as burst after the first bullet

- Incorrectly calculated AP cost for shooting, throwing etc. (minor difference)

- C-7 has 3 round burst instead of 5

- Colt Commando renamed to M4A1

- L85A1 renamed to L85A2

- Pistols should all cost about 1 AP less to shoot

- MP53 renamed to HK 53, since it uses 5.56mm ammo, it also uses slightly

less APs

- AI tweaks to reduce the number of enemies on the roofs, and make snipers only shoot when they might actually hit you

- Enemies should be less likely to come looking for you than in previous versions. This should reduce the huge, immediate carnage upon entering a sector, and provide more smaller battles instead.

- Externalized: Enemy Gun Choices



Summer 2005


- Initial Release

- The extended ear shows the enemy location in all modes, not just Platinum.

- Multiple IMPs & 90210 code re-enabled

- Fixed the Autofire/Burst bug, where you couldn't do burst fire unless the

weapon also had autofire.

- The canteen/camouflage bug, where you couldn't apply items to the merc's


- Insane difficulty level added

- BR Options added

- Iron Man mode removed

- The 0 AP grenade bug, where throwing grenades didn't cost any APs.

- The 0 Min. AP cost for AI throwing grenades bug that resulted in a CTD.

- Added autofire to rifles, SMGs and LMGs (including UB weapons)

- G11 and SKS can attach Talon

- Minimi holds 200 rounds

- HK21 holds 100 rounds

- RPK holds 75 rounds

- 200 rd 5.56mm belt for minimi

- 100 rd 7.62mm belt for hk21

- 75 rd 5.45mm drum for RPK

- RPG!

- RPG ammo, including HE, AP and Fragmentation

- 9mm Heavy

- .50 Cal

- 9mm Large (50)

- 9mm Large AP (50)

- 9mm Large HP (50)

- Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

- H&K PSG1 Sniper Rifle

- VAL Silent Sniper Rifle

- Calico M950 pistol

- Calico M960A SMG

- Calico M900 Rifle

- Enfield L85A1 LMG

- TAR 21 LMG

- Micro Uzi

- Enemies can now snipe you if they have a sniper scope, even if you're out of visual range, but still visible to another enemy (spotter)

- Enemies can now climb on roofs. Sometimes they will stay up there and snipe you.

- Enemies will now flank your position

- Enemies no longer get up and charge straight at you after dropping prone

- Enemies take cover more often

- Externalized: Weapons, Items, Magainzes, Attachments, Attachment Combo Merges, Launchables, Attachment Info, Incompatible Attachments, Compatible Face Items, Explosives, Armours, Sounds, Merges, Ammo Strings / Calibers, Shopkeeper Inventories

- Fallback animation added. Now enemies can fall backwards when they die.

- Brothel re-enabled

- Zero stats are trainable (configurable)

- All stats are trainable up to 100

- No loyalty penalty for inactivity

- Prof1.dat - Prof4.dat - Extra prof.dat files for Easy(1) through Insane(4) difficulty. (currently all the same)

- Added INI Setting for PLAYER_AP_BONUS functions just like the enemy AP bonus

- Camo and other effects are taken into account when aiming at a body part

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